LEVI’S, SWOT and Sustainability

Levi’s water<less jeans is a very smart business initiative in the SWOT perspective. I give Levi’s Strauss “thumps up” for this initiative.  By creating an environmental friendly product and saving water is a very smart way of luring consumers to consume more of their products, water is getting very scare especially in developing countries and for company to bring up such and initiative to preserve water is more than smart. This is a strength because Levi’s jeans are not only stylish, but they are also environmental friendly which gives the consumer that opportunity to be stylish and also save the environment at the same time. This alone puts Levi in a very high position against their competitors in terms of sustainability. If other companies don’t don’t put up such initiatives it will be difficult to compete with Levi’s. Consumers tend to lean towards companies that do something for the environment.

How does marketing influence you.

TV # 60


Online# 15

Gas pump topper#1

Over the past three days I have seen almost 100 ads both on TV, Radio, and online. It is amazing how businesses uses less then 2 minutes in one ad reach millions of their targeted audience. What really amazes me is how companies use gas pump toppers to target undisturbed audience.

The first ad i saw was on my way back from school at a BP gas station in Cambridge I can remember well because it was relevant to me as a driver. It was an allstate ad. I don’t know if this was a coincident or they are programmed this way for one to see an auto insurance ad on a gas pump topper.

The second ad I saw was on facebook. It was a Fashion Mia ad. It is an online fashion website. I always visit this side to look at clothing.

The third ad I can remember well is a radio ad. It was a car sales ad and they were mimicing the president. I can remember this ad because it was very funny. These companies take advantage of ongoing issues to reach their audience. They use such ads to capture people’s attention.