Stories of the Week


AdDetector Notifier

Ever been reading an article and get the feeling that something might be slightly off about it? Well thanks to the new web app, AdDetector, you can easily be notified when you are reading a sponsored article. It doesn’t happen very often with well known websites, but every now and again, websites will host and post sponsored articles. For those unfamiliar with sponsored articles, they are essentially paid advertisements that will shed nothing but a positive light on a product or service. This is something that is going to require web journalists to ensure that they are disclaiming when they are hosting sponsored content, which is important for users to know especially when they are doing research and looking for sources to site.

Just this past weekend we had the Disrupt Europe 2014 hackathon one of the best things that I saw come out of the awesome event was Newsly, the website that is being dubbed as the “Tinder for news stories,” which will allow users to seamlessly pass through articles. Aside from allowing users to browse, the service also acts as curator, displaying articles based on the users preferences. Whether or not users to choose to read the articles that they are being shown, it is going to make an impact for all of the articles and posts that are shown, allowing them reach out to an audience they may not otherwise receive.



os-x-yosemiteIt’s been recently reported in a few different places, but more recently ‘Re/code,’ that OS X Yosemite is finally going to be fully released in the upcoming weeks by Apple at their next fall event that will also see the announcement of new and improved iPad models, as well as all-new Retina iMacs. Personally I’m not nearly as excited for the new hardware as I am for the new operating system. I’ve been running the beta of Yosemite since it was released and other than a  few technical errors, such as my folder icons disappearing for a majority of the time, have had nothing short of a great experience with it. This should be a good opportunity for Apple to try and convert some people over from the Windows platform after the recently announced Windows 10 that hasn’t really received that well of a reception, even though it isn’t set to release until late next year.


TechCrunch’s Stories of the Week

TC Weekly Roundup LogoOne of the best articles that came up in my Feedly RSS feed this week came from TechCrunch and their Weekly Roundup, mainly because it did a good job of covering what was an eventful past week with the launch of the iDevices, Microsoft’s purchase of the indie company Mojang, and Tom Goodwin’s new piece, ‘How The Internet Killed Profit,’ which can be found here.

Tom Goodwin’s piece was my personal favorite of the week, and I would recommend that everyone check it out at the link above. A lot of it talks about the impact that digitalization is having on businesses and corporations, which is something that obviously is effecting journalism.

The other two articles I chose to include just because they peak my interest. It’s always fascinating to watch the launch of a new technology to the masses, especially one that is loved and hated by many. As far as Microsoft’s acquisition of Mojang goes, it’s too early for me to rightfully determine how I feel about this. I’m optimistic that with these new resources the growing team at Mojang will be able to fully flourish, but it would also be extremely naive to not thing that Microsoft will use this in a way that will be less desirable for people who don’t want to use Windows based products.