Sustainability Courses

Sustainability Courses are courses in which the primary and explicit focus is on sustainability and/or on understanding or solving one or more major sustainability challenge.

ACCOUNT 787 Sustainability and Environmental Reporting
BIO 214 Ecology and Society
BIO 257 Introduction to Ecology
BIO 442 Environmental Toxicology
BIO 457 General Ecology
Econ 471 Environmental and natural resource ecoomics
Eng 262 American Environmental Literature
Eng 472 Nature Writing
Envsci 200 Introduction to Environmental Science
Envsci 400 Env. Science capstone,
GEOG 252 Human Environmental Problems
GEOG 452 Cultural Ecology and Sustainable Development
GEOLGY 301 Environmental Geology
History 190 North American Environmental History
MANGEMNT 364 Sustainability Management
Phil 248 Environmental Ethics
SAFETY 420 Principlesof Environmental Management
SAFETY 453 Fundamentals of Environmental Law
Soc 319 Environmental Sociology
Soc 319 Introduction to Environmental Sociology
Womenst 481 Gender, Ethnicity and the Environment

Courses that Include Sustainability – A course that includes sustainability is primarily focused on a topic other than sustainability, but incorporates a unit or module on sustainability or a sustainability challenge, includes one or more sustainability-focused activity, or integrates sustainability issues throughout the course.

BIO 120 Biological Foundations
BIO 311 Microbiology (two lectures cover biofuels and bioremediation)
BIO 451 Natural History of Yellowstone NP and the Upper Great Plains
BIO 651 Natural History of Yellowstone NP and the Upper Great Plains
Econ 431 Economics of Globalization
Eng 226 American Literature Survey I
FNBSLW 440 Water Law
GEN ED 130 Individual and Society
GEN ED 140 Global Perspectives
GEOG 120 Introduction to Weather and Climate
GEOG 210 Physical Geography
GEOG 230 Human Geography
GEOG 300 Soil Science
GEOG 320 Meteorology and Climate
GEOG 323 Water Resources
GEOG 352 GeoHazards
GEOG 365 Geography of Latin America
GEOG 370 Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 377 Remote Sensing of the Environment
GEOG 477 Advanced GIS
GEOG 520 Meteorology and Climate
GEOG 523 Water Resources
MANGEMNT 366 Social Responsibility
MANGEMNT 759 Social Responsibility
PAX 200 Intro to Peace and Social Justice,
Phil 247 Bioethics
Polisci 280 Politics of Urban Inequality
Polisci 412 Contemporary political thought
RECREATN 351 Outdoor Recreation Leadership
RECREATN 591 Outdoor Recreation Leadership
SAFETY 489 Hazardous Materials Management
Soc 321 Sociology of Natural Disasters
Soc 340 Collective Behavior and Social Movements
Soc 385 Sociology of Globalization


Courses that meet Lab Science Requirement


Courses that meet the Diversity Requirement


Courses that meet the 300-level diversified elective requirement



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