Council Members

Dr. Josh Mabie

Co-chair of the Sustainability Council

Faculty Sustainability Fellow

Assistant Professor of English

Greg Swanson

Co-chair of the Sustainability Council

Director of Facilities, Planning, and Management

Cameron Barker

Students Allied for a Greener Earth (SAGE) President

Bob Barry

Executive Director, University Center

Frank Bartlett

Director, Residence Life

Dr. Eric Compas

Associate Professor of Geography

Wes Enterline

Sustainability Coordinator

Dr. Paul House

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Andrew Kapp

Associate Professor in the Department of Occupational and Environmental Safety & Health

Sarah Bregant

Sustainability Officer, Whitewater Student Government

Kevin Marks

Dr. JoAnn Oravec

Associate Professor, IT Supply Chain Management

Tom Pellizzi

Assistant Director, University Center

Dr. Linda Reid

Associate Professor of Finance and Business Law

Dylan Waldhuetter

Vice President, Whitewater Student Government

Ann Wick

Marketing Director, Chartwells at UWW





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