Earth Week

Sustainability Measures on Campus-

If there is one thing that I think UW-Whitewater has really improved on in the last couple years, it has been the awareness of sustainability on campus. Yes, not everyone knows about it but being sustainable has helped us develop many more resources that we can use on campus. You now are starting to see alternative fuel vehicles, and new buildings that are being developed that rely partially on solar energy, which makes the environment “greener” and which is also what we are trying to do campus wide whether it is in the dorms, cafeterias, or classrooms. There are many activities around campus that you can be involved with and help be a part of, so everyone can be allowed to make a difference!


Earth Week-

Earth Week takes place every year and is just a week of events that will include guest speakers, films and activities to allow the student body to get involved and be more aware of how and why we should be more sustainable. There are Facebook and Twitter pages titled, “Sustainability at UW-Whitewater” that students can keep track of if they are interested in any other upcoming events, or maybe just learn a couple of fun facts.  Keep track of these over the coming weeks, because our full Earth Week event schedule will be posted there!  Remember, Earth Week begins on Monday, April 21st!


Getting Involved-

A lot of people will tell you that when you first come to college, you should get involved. Well, this is a great opportunity to do just that. So many campus groups are involved with being sustainable and provide a comfortable atmosphere for students to be a part of.



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