Plastics in the Environment

Information on Environmental Impact of Plastics

Plastic is used in our lives every day. It’s used for things such as carrying our groceries, building new technology and even when communicating with each other. But do we really know the harmful effects that go into making it and/or what happens to the environment if we keep using it? The awareness of people knowing the effects from plastic I think are not all that great. A lot of companies are doing whatever they can to be sustainable at their workplace so they can bring awareness to consumers on things they can do to be more environmental friendly.



What is the Problem with Plastic?

One of the main problems with plastic is that it does not biodegrade. Meaning there is not really a process that can routinely break it down and be turned into new plastic or other product. With this happening, there is a lot of plastic particles that can get to as far out as the oceans and poison animals in the ocean that eat food and can cause them to be very sick and can even lead to death.


How can you help?

Creating more awareness in your community is a good way to start showing people what exactly can happen if plastic is not recycled. Provide information to businesses that maybe aren’t being as “sustainable” as what they could be and give them insight on what happens with plastic once it goes into the garbage. Also, just as simple as being a great example around your friends when throwing away plastic can be an impact, no matter how big or small it is.


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