DIY Natural Teeth Whitener


Sometimes our teeth get dull, and when we want a night out or know our picture is going to be taken, we want our teeth to look their absolute best! Unfortunately, being on a college budget, teeth whitening is way too expensive and takes far too long. With a few simple ingredients (that you probably already own) you can mix up your teeth-whitening concoction and get whiter, brighter teeth in no time!

Recipe 1:

Apple cider:  dilute apple cider vinegar with water and gargle it twice a day. Continue to brush as you would after treatment. Do this to get rid of stains on your teeth.

Recipe 2:

Baking Soda & Lemon juice: Baking soda is a common teeth whitener. Mixing it with lemon to create a powerful paste to battle stubborn teeth stains.

DIY Heatless Curls!


Step 1.) Pick out an old T-Shirt

Step 2.) Roll up the T-Shirt to form a long twisted rope

Step 3.) Use the newly rope-shaped T-Shirt to connect the two ends into a circle

Step 4.) Tie the two ends together with a hair band/ pony tail.

Step 5.) Place the T-Shirt ring on top of your head

Step 6.) Brush sections of hair forward and wrap them around the ring.

Step 7.) Pin the section of hair wrapped around the ring.

Step 8.) Repeat steps until entire head of hair is wrapped in the T-Shirt.

Step 9.) Leave curler in overnight and release the T-Shirt curler for natural, loose, beachy curls.

5 Ways to get Lengthy Lashes



  • Baby Powder: Coat your lashes with baby powder in between mascara coats to get double the mascara.  The coat of baby powder will thicken the consistency of mascara without having to over layer your mascara.




  • Lip Balm: Prep your lashes by taking a stick of your favorite lip balm and swiping it across your eyelid and over your lashes. Proceed to curl lashes and apply mascara.  




  • Brush your lashes:  Brush your lashes twice a day with petroleum jelly or vitamin E oil. For best results, brush your lashes continuously for five minutes.  




  • Heat your lash curler: Take a hair dryer and blast the air on your curler on medium heat for a couple minutes. Make sure your curler is at a comfortable heat and proceed to curl your lashes as normal.

Aloe Vera: Take a clean mascara brush and use it to apply aloe vera before going to bed. The next day wipe off the aloe vera with warm water. Repeat procedure for a month for best results.

Making Your Skin Better in Sweater Weather

As the snow on the ground layers up, so do we. The only thing more crucial than layering up in a thick knit, heavy sweater is lathering up on heavy moisturizers. According to, the moisture in your skin is evaporates and gets dry just as the air does during the winter. The toll that our skin takes from the harsh brisk air has coined the name “winter skin”.

While it’s no question that we rather be somewhere warm, lathering up in sunscreen instead of coping with our winter skin -it’s important that we accommodate to our environment for the sake of health skin.

The easiest solution to healthy, moisturized skin may seem obvious, but there is more to consider when implementing your skin care plan than just slapping on thick layers of moisturizers and creams. Here are ways to create your best skin care regimen to combat winter skin:


Home Remedies: Don’t limit yourself to just lotion. There are plenty of natural oils that can assist in healthy skin. The best lotion substitutes may very well already be in your household. Grab some coconut oil or olive oil to apply on problematic areas and leave on overnight.


Humidifier: You can’t control the dry air outside but you might as well make sure the air around you is skin friendly while you’re inside. Getting a humidifier will replenish the lack of moisture in the air and in your skin.


Fragrance Free Fabric softeners: The fragrance that is found in softeners might be the only pleasant thing about laundry day but fabric softeners that are unscented will be your best bet for obtaining happy skin. According to Harvard Medical school, the additives in softeners and detergents can irritate your skin.


Limit hot showers: This might be the most sufferable tip to abide by during the winter time but if you at least limit your hot showers to half of your usual shower time, you can easily improve your skin’s health. Either lukewarm showers or warm showers without your face directly in the hot water will promote good maintenance of moisture in your complexion.

The StylePro


The StylePro makeup brush cleaner is the new fad all over Pinterest and Tumblr, simply because this has been missing in the market since the beauty blogging revolution began.

Selling for $65 dollars on the StylePro website, the brush comes with 8 different brush holders that can fit virtually any type of makeup brush. Once the brush is connected to the holder, you can connect the drill-like device to the brush. After spinning it in a bowl of clean, warm water and soap the brush is squeaky clean and ready to be dried. By spinning the brush for 5-10 seconds after it’s cleaned in the bowl, the brush instantly dries.

Buzzfeed, Refinery29 and several Beauty Bloggers have already raved about the StylePro, but have criticized its price.

I personally believe that if I pay $65 for a product that just cleans my brushes, they better look brand new considering I can wash my brushes for free at home with just 1 pump of shampoo and some warm water!

Buy the StylePro Brush cleaner here:

Watch how it works:

Orange Eyeshadow – The New Trend


Rusty orange and red shadows have been making their debut in the beauty world this fall. Although the trend seemed a bit odd at first, people have been falling head over heels when they experience how the colors beautifully compliment ALL eye colors. Because my eyes are light hazel, the orange-y red tones really bring out the rusty hues in my eyes, making them pop more than usual. Listed below are some high-end and low-end rusty eyeshadow palettes.

SONIA KASHUK Eye Couture Eye Palette – $19.99 at Target
NYX Cosmetics Single Eyeshadow in shade “LOL” – $4.49 at Ulta
ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Renaissance Palette – $42 at Ulta
NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in Warm Neutrals – $18 at
MAC Burgundy Shadow Palette x9 – $32 at Macy’s

The Vest Obsession

Over the years, the vest trend has made a HUGE comeback in fashion. Here are some of my favorite ways to accessorize a vest!


1. Statement necklace and watch
One of my go-to outfits on a chilly day is a puffy vest and a long sleeve sweater, but to dress it up I add a chunky statement necklace and watch to give it a classy but simple look.

2. Olive army vest and a long sleeve tee
To make any lazy day cute, just throw an olive green vest over a long sleeve tee. What’s nice is that they’re usually made of heavier material that can keep you warm while not being as puffy as a typical vest.


3. Clash patterns!
I’m not sure who made the fashion rule that you can’t clash patterns, but I love breaking it. I love wearing a flannel under my houndstooth or other patterned vests. It gives it a unique look and definitely makes it stands out from the others!

Fave Fall Lipsticks

When it comes to fall, I usually wear rusty orange, deep purple, maroon or black in my everyday attire, as well as on my lips! I’ve found that NYX has the perfect colors for fall while being on a college budget, and I love to switch up my lip colors depending on if I’m wearing a daytime look or going out! I’ve listed below some of my favorite colors from NYX and have also listed the price.

CANNES – $5.99 at
Cannes is a beautiful, deep pink color with a blue undertone. Because it has a blue undertone, it really whitens your teeth! This is my go-to daytime lipstick because it’s so creamy and looks great with my fair skin tone.

SIREN – $6.99 at
Siren is a perfect dark wine color that looks great for a long night out! Since it’s matte it stays put for a long time. I love these lipsticks because the product isn’t drying and really makes lips look plump and full!


COPENHAGEN – $5.99 at

Copenhagen is a dark, vampy red with purple undertones that’s sure to turn heads. It’s great for special events or a night out the bars because it’s noticeable and gorgeous with a cute black dress or outfit.