Volunteers Needed!

Enjoy building relationships with older adults and benefit from their lives, rich with history and experiences. Acquire skills and make new friends while helping your community. Long-term volunteers are needed for rewarding work with older adults at Cedar Crest Inc., a continuing care senior living community in Janesville.  For more information, contact Cedar Crest’s Volunteer Coordinator, Linda Lyke, at 608-373-6327 or email llyke@cedarcrestnet.com.

  • Wheelchair Walks – Any day or early evening; take residents for a walk.
  • Weekend volunteer – Saturday or Sunday; help with activities such as games or bringing residents to entertainment.
  • Interactive Activities with Memory Care residents – Any evening at 6:00 or 7:00PM or Wednesday at 9:00AM or 1:00PM; play games, toss a beach ball, sing songs or do manicures with residents in our Memory Care unit.
  • Daytime Bingo volunteer – Monday, Friday, or Saturday at 10:00AM or Sundays at 12:30PM; help residents play bingo.
  • Evening Bingo volunteer – Monday or Wednesday evening at 6:00PM; play Bingo with residents.
  • Daytime Games – Mornings or afternoons on Tuesday or Thursday; assist residents with games.
  • Crafts – Wednesday afternoon; help residents make various craft projects including jewelry and seasonal decorations.
  • Manicures – Sunday at 2:00PM; prepare and polish residents’ nails.
  • Indoor Sports – Tuesday 3:00PM; help with balloon volleyball.
  • Computer Lab – Any day or early evening; assist residents with email and searching for interests on computer.
  • Evening Chapel Service – Sunday evening at 5:45PM; bring residents to and from chapel for services.
  • Daytime Chapel Service – 4th Wednesday of the month at 1:30PM; bring residents to services in chapel.
  • One to One Visits – Any day or early evening; must have good listening and interaction skills to visit with residents on an individual basis.
  • Adopt-A-Grandparent – Any day of the week; bring your family in to make regular visits with residents.
  • Roving Cart Visits – Any day or early evening; take “topical” carts from room to room with items to discuss and activities for residents to do.
  • Activities volunteer – Days and times vary; assist with social hours, parties, games, indoor sports, crafts and other activities based on schedule.

Welcome Professor Vysotsky!

Welcome Prof. Vysotsky!

It is our pleasure to welcome a new faculty member to the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater. Stanislav Vysotsky has recently been hired as an Assistant Professor of Sociology & Criminology in our department. Prof. Vysotsky graduated with his PhD in Sociology from Northeastern University in Boston in 2009. He is coming to Whitewater from Willamette University in Salem, OR. As always, we are asking you to make him feel welcomed and at home here at our university.

Wisconsin Sociological Association Annual Conference


This Fall, on Friday, October 10, 2014, the Wisconsin Sociological Association will host its annual conference at University of Wisconsin – Whitewater! This is a great opportunity for you to share your latest projects from class or any undergraduate research you’ve done and to mingle with fellow students and faculty from across the state. The conference is also open to faculty members. Prepare your research and submit it to the conference!

The WSA also holds a student writing competition and presents various awards to faculty.

For more information visit the WSA website:

WSA Annual Conference

New Corporate Social Responsibility Certificate

Our department is offering a new certificate program! You might have even taken the courses to declare this certificate!

Introducing the Corporate Social Responsibility Certificate

Students who complete this certificate will be able to:
1. Critically evaluate how leadership in corporations act responsibly (or irresponsibly) in relationship to the environment, community, consumer, employee, government, non-government entities, and other stakeholders and members of the public.
2. Describe and apply the basic ethical principles for business.
3. Name and understand a number of ways individuals and organizations impact the environment.
4. Implement the scientific method to solve a problem related to CSR.

1. Sign-Up: Contact Leda Nath (nathl@uww.edu) or Dennis Kopf (kopfd@uww.edu) to advise you.
2. Take 5: See the guide below to select five courses.
3. Sign-Off: Have your certificate adviser confirm your course completion.

Course Guide:
CORE (two courses)
• MANGEMNT 366 Social Responsibility OR MANGEMNT 364 Sustainable Management
• Any approved Research Methods class (SOC 476 works!)

ETHICS (pick one)
• INTRAUNV 246 Business Ethics
• PHILSPHY 245 Contemporary Moral Issues
• PHILSPHY 247 Bioethics
• PHILSPHY 248 Environmental Ethics
• PHILSPHY 261 Introduction to Ethics

• 494, 498, 498R or 493 (Independent Study Seminar, Senior Project, or Undergraduate Research CSR-Related Project) ELECTIVES (pick one)
• SOCIOLGY 319 Introduction to Environmental Sociology
• SOCIOLGY 372 White Collar Crime: Corp. & Governmental Deviance
• ECON 360 Growth and Development
• ECON 471 Natural Resource & Environment Economics
• GEOGRPY 252 Human Environmental Problems
• GEOGRPY 420 Human & Climate Interactions
• GEOGRPY 452 Cultural Ecology & Sustainable Development
• POLISCI 343 Environmental Politics
• BIOLOGY 214 Ecology & Society
• BIOLOGY 257 Introduction to Ecology
• BIOLOGY 370 Aquatic Biology
• BIOLOGY 442 Environmental Taxicology
• WOMENST 481 Gender, Ethnicity & the Environment

Welcome Professor Lavelle!


Welcome Professor Lavelle!

It is our pleasure to welcome a new faculty member to the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater. Kristen Lavelle has recently been hired as an Assistant Professor of Sociology in the Department of Sociology, Criminology & Anthropology. Prof. Lavelle graduated with her B.A. in Sociology from the University of Arkansas, her M.A. in Sociology from the University of Florida, and her PhD in Sociology from Texas A&M University. As always, we are asking you to make her feel welcome and at home here at our university.

Welcome Miss Zierath!


Welcome Miss Zierath!

Last week, our department welcomed its newest member, Academic Department Associate Mande Zierath. Miss Zierath is a 2010 UW-Whitewater graduate with a degree in French and English as a Second Language Education. She grew up in nearby Milton, Wis., while most of her family resides in Madison, today. In her free time she enjoys cooking, baking, biking, swimming, crafting, sewing, playing video games, and doing pub trivia. Join us in welcoming her to the department while she settles back in to life in Whitewater!