More song covers

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A more recent cover art was for a song called “Shooter” by GOOH. I was able to get paid for this song, which features my friends Ted Park and Pacal Bayley (DJ Pain 1). I think this is one of my favorite works so far because it combines a variety of styles. After trying to trace my original drawings on the computer, this one started off really bad. I had to re-start but it was worth it to complete and taught me a lot about how to organize the work to be more efficient next time.

The “Shooter” font was done completely by hand, and the only part of the original illustration that I kept, and remastered digitally was the hand holding the gun. I like the contrast popping off the black background. I also threw a texture over it to add a more grungy look that unites it all. The portrait was done very quickly, and to make it more themed towards the song’s message and not shooting guns, I decided to place hearts over his eyes.


420AMThis cover art is one of my favorites. I loved the process of layering colors and adding text to create a very successful song cover. It was also exciting to include a famous artist that I really enjoy listening to, Dizzy Wright. This cover took quite a bit of time, and I would have to charge quite a bit for something this detailed, but I think it’s very well drawn and I’m very proud of this as my first song cover art.


Dream Cat Project

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Background Story:

In high school I really enjoyed drawing these, based on drawing of an “aztec cat” that I saw on the internet. I found that they allowed me to include my style because I could fill in lots of detail and pattern work into them. I also love how they have different personalities and different qualities to enjoy.

Before I knew you could draw using computer application, I really didn’t think computer graphics could be an option for me. I really got into it by spending lunches in the computer room, tracing an image of one of these with the pen tool. I really think these drawings could be a hit in the fashion industry if they were turned into patches and prints. First I’ll have to re make them in to computer vectors, then I’ll go from there to figure out how to place them on to clothing and apparel.

I really do like cats as an artist, so that kept my interest at a deep level of connection. They’re qualities of curiosity, playfulness, activity, and affection are all things that I share and admire with them. I am really thinking about using one as a main logo, but I like the idea of continuing making newer and newer additions until I have a very big collection of these drawings.

I’d really like to find out peoples feedback on these to find out what I should do as I continue the project. I may start doing one every day when I graduate because the more, the merrier!

Song Cover Art Work

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In this post I’ll over two of my more popular works for Ted Park’s “Hello, Who is this?” and for B Ortiz’s “Euphoria” Feat. Trapo and Sierra Demartino.

Believe it or not, Ted’s cover was actually made completely differently at first. I worked very hard on it, and finished it but then lost all the artwork to the computer. It would have been very easy to give up, but I persevered to come up with something I think worked even better. The song has over 50,000 plays on soundcloud, and has over 200,000 plays on spotify, so I’m very glad for the exposure. I received several new clients from this as well as general compliments.

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Here is a picture of the work for you to check out! I wanted to make it a little abstract and lose, and i think it developed a very fitting style for the song.

Here is a link to Ted’s soundcloud if you want to hear his music!

Next I’ll show you the cover for “Euphoria” by B Ortiz. This cover was done a lot tighter than the previous example of my work. It took a little time to get what the artist really wanted, but I appreciated his feedback and corrected anything he needed me to correct to come to the result. I credit my extensive practice with drawing faces to create this cover.

Euphoria Final

I really enjoy the contrast and intensity of color. I think the style is cohesive with the title because the graphic looks kind of supernatural. The song stands strong at 132,000 plays, and i’ve also gotten compliments on the design from them which is awesome! Here is a link for you to listen to B Ortiz.

First Cover Design: Bino Business

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One way I’ve gotten great experience as a graphic designer is making cover art for albums and song covers as well as flyers for events This has been a fun way to learn layout and to experiment with different styles. I’ve also made a little bit off money from commissions, so it creates a potential market for my business to connect with. I love to mix my art with music also, because music motivates and helps my process so it just seems right. Also, many of the songs have thousands of views, so even if my name isn’t getting known at least people are seeing my art! I think down the line I could connect with big time clients from noticing my art, especially once I start making clothes to add to my collection. This is a great way I can quietly place myself into music culture and media to appeal to my target audience. Taking advantage of opportunities like these have really helped me learn how to communicate well with clients also.

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Above is my first album cover for a local artist from Madison that I wen’t to high school with. The album was his first, and had lots of hype going in so I was thankful to be chosen to create a cover for it. I’m not 100% satisfied with it, but think it was a good stepping stone. My favorite part of the cover is probably the caricatures face because it looks well done and accurate.

To check out Trebino’s music, here is a link!

Throwback Art: Colors and Characters

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Process and Environment: I drew this piece as a freestyle first in pencil, then switched back and forth between black outlining and color. It was created in my advanced art class senior year, and I had a lot of fun with it. As you can see I used a variety of colors that I switched and paired all over the page. This process was very experimentally oriented and much less premeditated than lots of my other works.

Observations and Meaning: What I love most about this piece is the pop factor. It seems to just pop right off the page to me, and the detail keeps sinking in to the background. Interesting contrast and tight detail and color placement are what makes it special. The characters stem from the impulse of my imagination. The words “castaway” stand for my mindset as an artist. I think very differently from most people, which gets me in a lot of trouble with societies expectations and normality. The characters and objects all tell a story and I hope that they can make the viewers think about them to create one in their mind. Life and death are a big part of the theme in this artwork, but starting this I had no intention of creating that idea.

Future Plans: I really think I can improve the character illustrations, or I just might add to this to make it in to an even bigger series that could be tiled together. I should definitely scan it, and possibly make a digital version, but with all the colors that’s a lot easier said than done. It’s tough to add to my archived pieces because of how completed they are, but I know I can do better an expand on this piece.

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Throwback Art: Untitled Portrait

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10515132_359214364249751_1188570898336066803_o Process and Environment: This piece began as a portrait of a celebrity, but I decided to go my own way with it. The process started in pencil and progressed to black outlines which I then colored. I enjoyed having the time in my advanced art class to focus on this project so it has always been one of my favorite works. I created it during my senior year of high school when a lot of change was going on in my life. I really started to pour my heart in to art at this point. It creates a world of peace apart from reality while I’m working, and the process of it fascinates me. I can be very in control while being free and imaginative at the same time.

Observations and Meaning: I think the strengths of it are the color and complexity, as well as the detail in the line work. There is a stern balance to the face with lots of movement within it. As for symbolism and vision I think lots of things spring in to the faces expression, and the expression of color and line. I won’t go any further in to that though, because I want people to think for themselves about it.

Many people seem to think that art has to mean something, that it has to have a certain intention. I think that art can be more than that, and although direction is good at times, spontaneity and creativity can fuel an artists mind to produce their best work even if they don’t know what it should mean when they start.

Future plans: I plan to create a series of these if I ever have the time and resources to. Or if someone wanted their own portrait in this style I could work out a commission price, but it wouldn’t be cheap because of how long it takes. I really think with the way i’ve advanced my skills now I could improve the aesthetic, it really comes down to timing and purpose. I really hope people see the passion and dedication I have towards originality and stylization by looking at this piece.

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Where to go: part 2

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#4. San Francisco, CA


A part of me really begs myself to live in a warm climate, and California has been a dream of mine since I was a young kid. Hearing stories from my Dad about living in Los Angeles pushed my interest which has become a true goal of mine to go there. As any smart person would do, I researched best places to live for graphic designers and San Francisco was ranked number 1 according to It has the highest median salary at $77,940 per year which sounds very attractive to me. Other cities that I considered in my last post include New York City at #2, Chicago at #16, and Madison squeezing in at #29. I really think it’s worth it to visit and see what it’s like before I apply since the city is so far away, but I’ve never heard anything bad about San Francisco really. The atmosphere seems very fair weather, and the city looks beautiful.


#5. Portland, OR


My favorite brand Nike is located nearby in Beaverton, OR and if I could ever land a job with them, I would try to live in Portland. Despite the rain, I think the weather is also warmer which is always a plus. This city ranks in at #22 on the list, but I think if Nike wants me to work for them, it could just jump to number 1 on my list. That is my first target for a job application, but it may be difficult to work with them until I have more experience in the field. Portland has a big reputation for hipsters and weird people so I think I’d fit right in because I think my style of art could really fit in with a more unique and individualistic culture. Knowing that it is close to California is a big plus.


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Where to go: Part 1

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There's no place like home!

There’s no place like home!

#1. Madison, WI

My ideal place to live one day is where I was born and raised. Said to be one of the best cities to live in amongst the entire United States, Madison has my heart. I don’t know how long I’d like to stay there because of my ambitions, but eventually I see myself coming back here. I like Madison for many reasons, and I honestly think it’s improving every year. It’s just big enough to find new things, but small enough to know where almost everything is. I’ve always felt safe also, and never had much to complain about that I wouldn’t have to deal with at any other city. Madison also has nice suburbs like Middleton and Fitchburg, in case downtown would be to crazy or too expensive.

#2. New York, New York


I’ve only been to New York twice, and my second stay was not ideal by any measure. But what I love most about it is the pace. It’s crazy, beautiful, dirty, horrible, and amazing all at the same time. As an artist I’m so inspired by the atmosphere and all the hidden secrets the city has to tell. You never know what’s waiting for you around the corner, and 1 train stop away is a whole new adventure to explore. Culture is an important thing for me to experience and New York city is the original melting pot. Besides all the tourist traps, there is so much more to the city than people think. I also think job wise I could definitely fit in somewhere! People complain about the expensive prices, but fail to realize the money that is put out in this massive cluster of business and art. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. I love that challenge. and that I have connections there to take advantage of.

#3: Chicago, IL

Chicago skyline

Chicago skyline

The windy city is very similar, yet very different than New York. But like New York, what attracts me is the fashion and art scene as well as the business potential. I know to be successful I need to reach out to big cities like this, and I feel like I could learn a lot while not being too far away from home. I really haven’t spent enough time out there yet, but I have noticed how attached so many people are to it. One thing is for sure, I’ll be a Wisconsin sports fan wherever I go.


Next I’ll post 3 Different potential places to live. Please comment as to which city you think I should check out!

Senior Art Show In May

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It’s a rare instance that I display my art in a gallery setting, but I’m excited to show my work in the senior show to cap off my college experience. It will be fun to mount some of the drawings and paintings that I’ve made in the classes here, I really think people will enjoy some of my projects! I plan to include two paintings from painting 1, a drawing from drawing 2, a couple prints from printmaking, as well as graphic design work from my portfolio, and some classwork also!

I hope people can enjoy the raw detail and careful line work in my projects. Artwork always looks best in person, and not too many people have seen my projects in person before! It will be awesome to see what my teachers in the art department have to say about all of my work, which I have to say I’m very proud of. My fault, and strength is that I always try to do things my way. Although it has hurt my grades, it has bettered my education and improvement as an artist to great lengths.

It will also be great to show to my employers from University Housing, who have stuck with me for 4 years. I worked hard to advance to the Senior Graphic Artist position through guidance of Jacob Farwell who now works for Hiebing, an ad agency in Madison. Also Mike Kolb who is a military officer now stationed in Virginia. Without their support and my resources there, I wouldn’t be half the artist and designer I am today.

Art is my passion, and I’ve put countless hours of work into these pieces. Nothing makes me happier then people coming to support it just by looking at it and discussing it. One of my goals is to let people feel and think freely about my art just to humor conversation and intellectual conversation. If not, I hope it inspires imagination and creativity which are attributes that I embody as an artist myself.

I’m excited to start mounting and finishing up some work to display, and I really hope people stop by to talk about it. Pictures will come after the show!

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Project 2: The Catalog

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Now that my Texas Takeout project is almost done, It’s time to start thinking about re-working my catalog from graphics 2! The product is bailey’s hat’s and it’s one of my favorite pieces thus far because of the work it took. I used illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign to create it, so I think it really shows my ability to transfer work from software to software in a useful way.

The product came to me pretty late, so I had to get a move on the designing pretty quick. I basically wanted to stage the hats based on their character. It was really fun for me to research different pictures to use. After the pictures were chosen, I added an Icon and used a consistent format for placing the text and the pictures of the hat.

Even though my computer crashed multiple times throughout the project, I was learning so much while doing it. Hopefully this second time, I’m able to craft it together even better. It’s tricky to cut the paper and glue pages back to back perfectly, then to bind them. Tips for this are to

1. Take your time.

Rushing things isn’t going to make anything better, it’s best to anticipate every move when cutting or gluing.

2. Hold your ruler down firmly.

I even use tape sometimes to keep the ruler down. If the ruler moves, your cutting hand will and you will not get a straight cut. Make sure your apply just enough pressure with your cutting hand also, and to cut alongside the ruler.

3. Have a very sharp blade, and run though twice

Whether you’re using a thin box cutter or an exacto knife, make sure it rips through the grain of the paper well. Make sure to run the blade through a second time to make sure it’s cut unless it pulls apart right away.

I really hope working on this will help me make my own clothing catalog some day! I’m excited to push further in to my portfolio. Photos coming soon!

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