Leader: The Brand Fueled by Passion

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As a more introverted person, Art is my voice in a way. The reason I want to add graphics to fashion are so they can give people confidence without having to say anything. A brand like supreme thrives on it’s iconic logo which is clean, and says something that makes the people wearing it feel somewhat, well, “Supreme”. The Leader logo is designed cleanly as well, but much more graphic and still easy to read. I also made the letters appear three dimensional because I want them  to really “pop” so people notice it. Feedback from people who have seen the logo so far say that this is their favorite of the ones I am building, and I may just have to agree with them!

My Leader brand is targeted to artists of every medium. It’s all about trying to be the best at what you do, because you love what you do. The logo has been designed but not yet finalized, so I won’t be showing pictures for some time. The logo also needs to be copyrighted, I really think this brand could help my art gain a great deal of fans. So I really need this one planned out.

If anything I want to make clothes for myself to start getting a feel of the aesthetic i’m going for. This brand is also somewhat performance based because passionate people have to sweat, bleed, and cry once-in- awhile. There is a lot of competition out there for these brands, but have you heard of any new ones? I’ll wait…

My brands are to be forever establishing, of course there will be consistency, but versatility is equally important. I am always looking to add to my materials because originality is a lost art in the mainstream media. For Leader I don’t just want simple designs, but striking, and complex ones. The potential feels limitless really, and I hope to get everything started as soon as possible!

Myself in the lab with DJ Pain 1 and Ted Park

Myself in the lab with DJ Pain 1 and Ted Park


A Few of my Favorite Things

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My favorite genre of music is hip-hop and rap. It really works well to motivate me. I also like classic rock and other genres at times to mix it up. Like skating and rap culture, rock also subliminally fits in with my style. I’d say that it was my first exposure to music as a kid. Music is a big influence in my life because I need it to ease my mind sometimes, and it is loved by everybody universally so it’s one of the greatest mediums of promotion.

I love competition, so it’s important that I learn from those who have paved the way with their own streetwear brands. Two of my favorite brands to learn from are Bape, and Supreme. I’ll briefly review a Bape hoodie that I like to tell you what I observe about it.


This Bape hoodie really shows what their style is about. First of all you notice it’s colorful, unique, and very well thought out and put together. The artwork is balanced in the piece as you see the colorful parts on opposite parts of the sleeve and hood. Their custom patterns and designs are so unique which is why they can sell their products for such a high price, and all of these are qualities I hope to achieve some day with my own clothing.

My favorite sport is easily basketball. I love playing the game, and it’s allowed me to meet so many different people in my life. Not every day is a great day on the court, and sometimes you have to adjust your play style depending on the team around you. In that way I think it’s a good analogy for life. But no matter how bad the day I have, I have a love for the game, art, and life.

I also play baseball and used to play football, but basketball is more relevant to my life at this point. But I do love baseball for it’s hats and uniforms most from a fashion perspective. There is a certain nostalgia that connects to me with these items in baseball. But you can’t wear shoes in baseball and or football for that matter.

Knowing that, my favorite shoes in the world are basketball shoes. I love critiquing shoes, think of ideas and ways they could be designed better in my opinion. I’m considering attending Pensole Academy in Portland to hopefully design my own, but for now I’ll just show you one of my favorite sneakers. These are the Charles Barkley Foamposite-Max Luminous.



If you ask me, these sneakers have it all. They are flashy yet muted just enough by the base value of black. The white speckle pattern and accents of red and purple really make these shoes pop. The bottom of the shoes have the best type of sole in the back with a gel insert, and the very bottom of the shoe is even glow in the dark! The laces also tie right in (get it) with just a subtle patten displaying the colors on the shoe. The details you can’t see in the picture that also make this shoe great are the logo on the tongue, and the typography on the bottom of the shoe that reads “No Role Model”. This shoe brings me back to the 90s which is a style I try to always bring back, because it was a time when color and art were put to light and it’s also the time I originate from!

Nike is my all time favorite footwear brand for many reasons. They have shoes for almost anything you need, and I would love to work with them some how before I die if at all possible. They are one of the most powerful sports brands in the world and have the best logo aesthetically imaginable for footwear in my opinion (the nike swoosh).



Plugged In- New York City

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Plugged In is an In-House Record label owned by two friends of mine Saho and Ted Park. I started the design when I spent time in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York City. Usually I like to sketch my designs from imagination or what I’m thinking in my head, and boy was it a great experience. Usually I use pencil but this time I went straight to pen, once I got the graphic signed in the computer I was very pleased by what I saw.

Ted Plugged In Plugged In


The logo is cleanly designed, and has a nice style to it. Ideally it will go on the back of clothing items, with a typographic icon on the front which I am currently working on. I’m very excited to see clothes being made and out there on the scene. As an artist, there’s nothing better than to see your own creation out there in the world.

Ted currently just dropped a song with Taylor Gang artist Chevy Woods. For those who are not up to date, Chevy is associated with the acts of Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla Sign, and Juicy J. The song “Held it Down” already has over 10,000 views on youtube, it was directed by Trevor Banks.

I was very glad to be a part of the shoot, and to briefly meet Chevy Woods. The setting was beautiful, above downtown Manhattan on the rooftop of an upper class apartment building. Ted put everything together himself and teamed up with the director to make everything go smooth for Chevy. I was in the group shot but that didn’t fit the format of the video, and it was tons of fun! It was an unbelievable experience to watch Ted, one of my best friends making things happen! Check it out!


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Since I was little I loved collecting clothes I also developed a passion for drawing early on. I want to use my artwork to make clothes and apparel stand out more and make them more unique and valuable. Not just that, but I want to make one of a kind pieces that make people feel very special and comfortable.

How do I go about this you wonder? Well there are at least three things I must design to make me satisfied with my own apparel: At least on graphic, one patch, and one tag. Here are the very first patches that I’ve ordered “BOOM!”


I’m currently working on receiving grants for this, and other logos that I have designed. But first, let me tell you all how BOOM was created.

I love that they are customizable and can go onto anything that people want to put them on. I’m selling them for $5 just so I can get exposure and start earning money back into my products. Color options will be available soon also!

I designed this logo during printmaking class, when the assignment was something we feel threatened by. My sketch quickly had to be transferred to a screen and drawn on with gel, giving the design a rougher look when it was run through a press. Normally I would be upset by the disruption of clean line work, but it ended up fitting perfectly in my opinion. Once I build around the logo, I’ll drop a new version with clean lines too in the distant future. The logo looks vintage and distinguishable, and symbolizes fearlessness of society. I hope that anyone who is an artist of whatever medium finds a way to explode with success by chasing a career and a lifestyle they are passionate about. I plan on adding more elements and getting more clothing samples made in the future.

For now I can order blank clothes and customize them with these features, but eventually I’d like to learn how to make them myself. I’ve never been one to be scared to learn something I want to do. Here is a print sample t-shirt that I had made!Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 10.53.44 AM

Behind The Name: Skrap Josef

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Skrap Josef is my Artist and Designer name. Scrappy Joe was my nickname as a kid because I was rambunctious and full of energy (my middle name is Joseph). I’ve always been scrappy when it comes to my goals as well as in situations of competition. If I can do it myself, I will and I’ll do it my way. This attitude frustrates lots of teachers, but I just wish they would learn something.

In a way I’m still a kid inside, always using my imagination to create. If I was stripped of that, I’d be very lost in the world. I decided to shorten the name to Skrap Josef because it sounds a bit more serious and edgy, similar to the style of art I make. Skrap is also a combination of my inspirations of skating and rap culture. It fits right in with other designer names in my opinion, and the spelling had to be unique.

My objective as an artist is to be original with what I do, and to satisfy the wants and needs of my clients while making a living doing so. I’ve been pursuing a Bachelor of Arts to professionalize my craft in design, as well as get a well rounded education and and ultimately the degree itself.

As a Graphic Artist and Designer there are lots of potential jobs that I can get, but my heart is in clothing and fashion. I’ve been developing graphics and ideas for a variety of clothing lines, and am very excited to see clothes being made already.

In the future I see myself making as many clothes as possible while utilizing connections in New York City, Chicago, and Madison as well as any city I can access really. As for a job after college I hope to work for a brand to improve their image with graphics and advertising along with working on my own.