Haunted Whitewater

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A Second Chance

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Nomination Videos and Underage Drinking

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Nomination Videos and Underage Drinking

The Perfect Christmas Present

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Every little girl dreams of having a family someday. After being blessed with twins Keeghan and Neveah, Chris and Christina Bos we’re thrilled to finally have the family they had always dreamed of.

Having undergone in vitro and a difficult pregnancy the couple agreed that more biological children were out of the picture.

In late 2013 they filed with Angel Adoptions and started down the road to making this family of four a family of five.

A friend immediately contacted Christina upon hearing of her family’s interest. She had a cousin who was due in a few weeks and was planning to give her baby up. Thrilled they contacted the birth mom, Jamie.

Things quickly fell through when one of the potential birth fathers demanded a paternity test. If this baby girl was his he wanted to keep her. Disappointed, the Bos’s moved to other options figuring that once the baby was born, whether it was this man’s or not, the mother would not be able to give her up.

The Bos’s got a call from Angel that a mother in California saw their pictures, read their information and had chosen them to adopt her baby. She had five fully grown children and couldn’t handle another.

After a few phone calls with the mom and the agency they flew out to California with the mother planning to be induced later that day. This quickly got pushed back leaving the Bos’s stranded in a hotel. The story kept changing, the grown children turned out to be ranging in age from 2- 15, medical records showed ADD, ADHD, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression and the youngest was completely nonverbal. Stories just weren’t lining up.

Christina felt sick over the adoption and discussed it with Chris. They contacted the agency, this was not the baby for them. “Just because someone asks you to marry them doesn’t mean you have to say yes,” Christina said.

The next day, back at home, Christina thought back to the first baby. She checked her phone and had a text from the birth mothers mom asking how things were, they had a brief conversation. A few days later the agency called and said that the birth mother had reconsidered and that her baby girl, Brynlee, was meant to be this missing puzzle piece to the Bos family.

Jamie wanted to keep Brynlee through the holidays. This was terrifying for the family because it gave her more time to bond with her baby. Christina agreed but said “If this door closes it will never open again.”

A few days later on Dec. 19 2013 Jamie called and said that this was wrong, Brynlee should be their Christmas present. They packed up the car with presents knowing they would spend Christmas there. Christina flew to North Carolina while Chris and the kids drove. After the papers were signed, Christina held her daughter Brynlee for the first time.

Chris and the kids arrived and met Brynlee, they fell in love. The Bos family was finally complete.


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