Advising Information for Early Childhood Education / Special Education

Students who are currently in the Early Childhood Education program should first contact their advisor if they have questions about courses.  Students can check their course schedule to see which courses to register for.  See:

If you need consultation with the program coordinator, please set up an appointment with me Simone DeVore 262-472-5808 or emailing Simone DeVore.


Students who are already admitted to the University and are interested in Early Childhood Education (dual licensure), please contact the Academic Advising and Exploration Center (email: or phone: 262-472-5220) or the College of Education Advising Assistance Center (email: or phone: 262.472.1585) for information about applying to the College of Education or to meet with an advisor.

Application for Early Childhood Education (ECE) takes place only in the fall and the cohort program begins in the spring.  For Admission to Professional Education see:


Teachers who already hold a license and want to add Early Childhood Special Education (809), can contact the Special Education Department by emailing or calling 262) 472-1106. Once admitted to the university, I can provide further information regarding the add-on teaching license in Early Childhood Special Education (WI # 809). A student can choose to pursue courses at the graduate level or undergraduate level. A licensure plan is worked out with the program coordinating advisor.  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Teachers who already hold a teaching license and want to add Early Childhood Regular Education (Birth through Eight and/or Kindergarten license) can contact Dr. Robin Fox by calling 262-472-5821 or emailing Dr. Robin Fox.


Preschool teachers with an Applied Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education interested in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) major can apply to the University and then have their transcripts  reviewed by a transfer advisor.

For students with an Applied Associates Degree in ECE from a WI Technical College, who work in preschool settings, there is an online option available. See:


Students with a baccalaureate degree outside of Education seeking initial licensure in Early Childhood Education (dual licensure) need to apply for the dual licensure Early Childhood Education program. For more information see: . Admission for the Early Childhood Education major (face to face on campus cohort) is in the fall.