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Blogs are the Internet age’s way of expression. In a world where everyone has an opinion about something, and everyone is talking about something, blogs provide a way for an individual to write about whatever is on their mind. Blogs also allow other people whom may be interested in the expressed subject to read the content and share their comments.



This is the link to the USA Today NBA News blog. This blog provides all news; breaking and extensive, that is related to the National Basketball Association. The biggest strength of this blog is its content. This is a blog ran by USA Today, therefore its content is in depth and most likely fact checked which allows for a much more reliable source for basketball news. It has even talked about the FIBA World Cup tournament that has been taking place these last few weeks. This blog draws primarily to the NBA fan base. It uses its reliable news to build its viewership.



This is the link to the Rotoworld.com Fantasy Football News blog. This blog provides news on NFL players in regards to fantasy football. Fantasy football has become a huge phenomenon in the United States. This blog discusses how players will perform based on injuries, opponents, etc. This blog’s biggest strength is its analysis and explanation. It does a great job explaining not only how the player will do but why they think that. This blog draws to NFL fans who participate in fantasy football.



This is the link to Yahoo.com’s Puck Daddy blog. This blog provides news and updates on the National Hockey League. Similar to the basketball blog above, this provides up to the date analysis on all the players, coaches, and owners of the NHL. This blog is more driven by its social connection with its subscribers. The USA Today blog provided more news while this blog provides more conversation and interaction. The social interaction would be its biggest strength and is its biggest contributor to building viewership. This blog draws primarily to NHL fans.

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