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July 2016
The business about iPads: how useful are they in the workplace?

Apple iPad2For business owners, keeping up with the latest technology often reflects a desire for increased efficiency as well a wish to project a professional, successful image. These days, nothing says “latest technology” like the Apple iPad tablet.

Apple’s April 2010 release of the iPad tablet made even the sleekest of laptops look cumbersome. Since then, the iPad has dominated the tablet industry, soaking up 97 percent of all U.S. tablet traffic, according to figures taken from The iPad’s no-strings-attached portability, iCloud syncing technology and high-speed Internet connection have caught the eyes of many, including those looking to incorporate the iPad into the workplace. (more…)

Free online startup class continues to serve entrepreneurs

The free First Step Online class launched one year ago by the UW-Whitewater SBDC brings business start-up training to entrepreneurs at their convenience, any time day or night. Participants describe class content as  interesting, concise and informative. 

One participant stated, “The program allowed us to think about things that may have been overlooked.  The class also gave us access to many resources to learn from.”

First Step Online is a must-take class for people thinking about starting a business and those who are new to business ownership. Through slide presentations, video segments and discussions, participants learn how to evaluate their business ideas and examine their preparedness for becoming entrepreneurs.

Topics include “Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs,” “What it costs to start and run a business,” “How to identify and locate customers,” and more.

A UW-Whitewater MBA graduate who completed First Step Online described it as “a wonderful resource for individuals who are considering becoming entrepreneurs.” She said, “It’s fairly basic, but covers all of the areas that must be thought about and addressed before diving into a business.”

For a detailed class description and registration information, see or call the SBDC at 262-472-3217.