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June 2016
2011 a good year to purchase fixed assets

Current tax law offers bonus depreciation as incentive to business owners who buy fixed assets. One of the main business incentives in the Tax Relief Act is the provision of 100 percent bonus depreciation for qualified property. The assumption inherent in the Act is that increased business spending will contribute to economic recovery and create jobs. How might this provision benefit your company this year?

Business owners recognize that they need to plan for the replacement of some fixed assets from time to time, things like vehicles, equipment, machinery, computers, desks, fixtures and similar goods. Purchases made this year could significantly reduce the taxable income of your business. Understanding how to best use depreciation of assets will result in better financial management of your business.

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Manufacturers reach new customers with SBDC assistance
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G&G Machine is targeting new customers and new industries with resulting sales growth.

Area manufacturers have avoided layoffs and hired new employees following revenue growth as a result of customized research and advising projects provided by the UW-Whitewater SBDC. Through a partnership with the Wisconsin Innovation Service Center, the SBDC assists manufacturers with finding new customers in new markets. Over the past year, companies that were facing layoffs and possible closure have been able to survive and grow following implementation of Customer Diversification Assessment research findings. (more…)