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July 2016
Value Innovation Workshop

The attached brochure announces a 2-day workshop at our campus scheduled for April 22/23 (Monday-Tuesday) to provide area business people and practitioners the ability to receive training on the Value Innovations model right here in Wisconsin. 

The same workshop in Denver has a cost of $2,500.  Dick Lee is bringing this training to Wisconsin and we are offering this for less than half price. 

This event is being cosponsored by Brady Corporation who is using the Value Innovations model within their organization to develop innovations to products and/or services.

We have used this model for several years; I received my training in Denver and we have worked with manufacturers as well as communities to deliver “Facilitated Innovation”. 

I would like to invite you and others to consider attending this workshop to see if it could add value to area businesses.

Driving Value Innovation in Wisconsin Workshop

PROBE: A new program at the SBDC

The Wisconsin SBDC Network has recently become an accredited PROBE facilitator.

PROBE is a global network resource survey instrument that is used in over 40 countries worldwide. It stands for PROmoting Business Excellence, and is a great tool for benchmarking and business assessment.

PROBE identifies a business’ strengths and weaknesses by evaluating its practices as well as its overall performance.  To evaluate a company’s practices, consultants will look at the policies and procedures. To evaluate the overall performance, consultants will look at how the company operates its business.

First, consultants will establish a baseline for a company that will allow future surveys to measure progress and compare the company’s performance to similar businesses based on their Standard Industrial Classification code. Consultants can then use their findings to evaluate the areas of the business that need work and help the client improve their enterprise.

All of this helps companies develop an effective strategic planning process which is vital to having a successful business.

The UW Whitewater SBDC has already been involved in several PROBE assessments that have led to the development of strategic plans, identified market sectors to attack, and indicated areas within the organization that need further improvement.

The PROBE survey assessment is currently provided at no cost, as are most services offered by the SBDC.

For more information on PROBE you can call or email the UW Whitewater Small Business Development Center at (262) 473-3217 or  You can also visit the PROBE website at:

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