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  1. Andrea Payton says:

    I am proud to be a part of the Professional Development Committee for Student Affairs at UW-Whitewater. This blog will help us keep communication with the Student Affairs Professionals at UW-Whitewater. We are wanting to keep people informed of what the committee is doing and also a place for you to leave feedback and give us ideas of what we could do.

    This first post is about our first Connection in the Cafeteria event that happened on January 27th, 2012 at Esker Hall Dining Facility. During the lunch hour, 4 Student Affairs professionals and 4 Faculty members came together to have lunch and connect in the student environment. These 8 professionals did not come together just by accident but by invitation. Each Student Affairs Professional was asked to invite and bring a Faculty member. The meal was sponsored by the University Center and UW-Dining.

    Student Affairs Professionals
    Chris Hollar
    Mary Beth Mackin
    Matt Millin
    Andrea Payton

    Simone DeVore – Early Childhood
    Jane Ferencz – Music
    Heather Niemeier – Pshycology
    Lauren Smith – Women Studies

    We all met in the lobby of Esker Hall Between 11:45-noon. There were two tables reserved for us and the UW-Dining team did a great job at making sure the we were able to sit there. Because we were on two round table the group was split into two groups of four, which was more intimate. The loudness of the area made it hard to hear but sitting at the round table was great because we could hear what people were saying. It would have been nice to talk to all of the people that were there that day but the smaller groups helped to create more conversation.

    Some of the topics included families and how we ended up working at UW-Whitewater. Woman’s studies and just how woman’s history has changed with the college setting. This topic lead to Andrea and Lauren to exchange emails about interesting feminism books that they had read and recommended to each other. Other topics included: the construction of Carlson and who is all going to be moving over there. LEAP was a topic and we discussed how it was very beneficial for the students and the professionals to grow through the process. The Civil Rights March was talked about as an upcoming event.

    It was a good time and everyone enjoyed talking with one another. Everyone was happy to have this opportunity to get to know other people on campus and was thankful for this event and for being invited. For some of us it was our first time eating at Esker or it had been a long time since we ate there, so it was good to see what was new and how dining services has changed at a college campus.

    The Connection in the Cafeteria will be happening once a month. There will be an update of who attended and the different topics that were talked about. If you are interested in going to this event please contact Andrea Payton, Information Services and Warhawk Alley Coordinator.

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