Healthy Choices For Festival-Goers This Summer

One of the best parts about summer is the ongoing festivals, fairs, and town block parties that allow you to soak up the nice weather with your closest friends and family. It is undeniable that these types of get-togethers always seem to have the TASTIEST treats on Earth. Although those deep fried, buttery dripping snacks seem so appealing to the eye and mind, it isn’t the best choice for our bodies and even our wallets. In most cases, fair-food is tremendously high in calories and generally way overpriced. Fairs are a great family activity for the summer months, so I am not discouraging you to attend, however, I will give you some tips in order to keep calorie intakes at a healthy level along with saving a few extra dollars on the side.HealthyChoicesforfestivals image


  1. The Pre-Meal

Before you and the family depart for the nearest festival, enjoy a normal dinner/lunch you would eat on a regular day. By doing so, your body will be filled with a ton of energy for walking around and helping your belly resist those greasy temptations. Also, this is a much cheaper option; as a feeding a whole family at a summer event like these can cost you anywhere from 50-100 dollars.



You may be wondering how water can help you resist snacking all day at the fair. Staying hydrated is one of the oldest tricks in the book to keeping your appetite down. Not only is water an essential ingredient for almost all the organs in our body, but it can suppress those hunger temptations even longer.


  1. Choose Your Snacks Wisely

Although fairs are usually filled with unhealthy options, it doesn’t mean that all options are bad. Observe all the possible food options and locate the healthiest ones. Many fairs and festivals are notorious for involving local farmer’s markets. With that said, dive into the greatness of some fresh fruits and vegetables they may have to offer.


Like I said earlier, spending time with loved ones at fairs this summer is a great opportunity to enjoy the weather, so don’t hesitate to appreciate what they have to offer. However, don’t neglect some of the things could have a negative impact on your health and wallets. It really can be easy to have a great time this summer while resisting those crazy food temptations, trust me, it can be done.



|Don’t forget about the little things in life. They tend to have a BIG impact|


  • Tyler Kloss
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Travel Tips For The Air


I recently took a three week academic trip out of the country to the United Kingdom with a class from UW-Whitewater. I am so very grateful for the opportunity and experiences I have received from this adventure! An aspect of this trip I had not previously thought about was the plane ride. Even though many international flights are decently comfortable, a plane ride is a plane ride. And typically, they can wear you down mentally and physically. Here are some ideas you can utilize next time you have a long flight and don’t want jet-lag.

Stretch: You may see some people doing this at the airports, and that is because it helps immensely with jet lag. It’ll help loosen your muscles and relax your joints for a more comfortable flight. I stretched for 15 to 20 minutes before my 7 hour flight, and I didn’t feel tight or achy afterwards.


Stay Hydrated: While you should always stay hydrated, it is even more important on a plane. Water will help your body adjust to the altitude change and help your stomach settle if you’re a queasy flyer.


Walk the plane: Even though there isn’t much room in the aisles, getting up and walking not just down your row, but multiple rows, will cover more steps than you think!


Get an aisle seat: It is fun to look out the window, but having an aisle seat is more comfortable and it’ll be easier to get up and move, go to the bathroom (since you’ll be drinking so much water!) and even stretch on the flight and not having to worry about getting around and bugging people in seat next to you.

These little actions can really take a lot of the burden away from flying, as well as make it more enjoyable overall. You won’t even realize that what you are doing is helping out your physical and mental well-being. And before you know it, the flight will be over!


*Always Proud, But Never Satisfied*

~Luke Pallo

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Exercise Is Not A Punishment

We’ve all seen those charts that come out around the holidays and during summer that show how many of this exercise or that exercise you’d need to do to burn off that Thanksgiving feast or everything you just ate at a summer BBQ.

When you look at it this way, exercise is a form of punishment, not a form of nourishment. It gives you the mentality that you have to earn or work of every single item of food that you put it your mouth.Exercise is not punishment image

Exercise is not punishment!

Moving your body should never be done as a punishment for the nutrient you put into your body.

And, you do not have to earn your food. Food is essential to life to keep us alive and healthy. That’s it.

If you, like many others have fallen into this idea that you must earn the foods you eat, or that exercise is a way of punishing yourself for eating these foods, it’s never too late to change your mentality so that you can live your life to the healthiest and fullest extent.

Here are some ideas you can practice:

  1. Continue about your everyday life, following whatever way of healthy eating works for you, and move your body in whatever way works for you.
  2. Stop obsessing over every calorie that goes into your body on a day like thanksgiving, or the day that family BBQ comes, and be grateful that you have an abundance of food provided to you to nourish your body. There are more important things in the world, then every single calorie you burn off in the gym. This can help not only change you mentality of exercise as punishment, but free your mental health as well.

Another major component to changing the way you view exercise is making sure you are partaking in physical activity for healthy reasons; both mentally and physically.

Healthy reasons to exercise:

  • To get stronger
  • To relieve stress
  • To do something you enjoy
  • To do something that makes you feel good
  • To see what you and your body are capable of
  • To improve your over health and lifestyle

Unhealthy reasons to exercise:

  • Punishment
  • ‘earning’ calories or food items
  • Because you over indulge
  • To look better
  • To be skinnier

Working on making sure you are working out for the healthy reasons will definitely be a change, but if you continuously work on it, you will truly see how much better your workouts become, how much more enjoyable and nutritious food will become, as well as how you truly feel better within yourself.


|Laugh loud, Smile bright|


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Take Care of Your FINANCIAL Health This Summer

Summer is a great opportunity to make money, but where does it all go by the beginning of Fall? The amount of stress we put on ourselves, due to financial demands, is uncanny. There is, however, plenty for you to do to relieve this stress and help your future self! Follow these useful tips to strengthen your bank account and still get the most enjoyment out of your sunny months!

Budget Your Spending

The money you receive every paycheck should have a predetermined agenda. A percentage of your check should go to savings, bills, your weekly expenses, and charity. According to “Financial Fitness” by Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, 10% of your paycheck should go to your life-long-savings that you NEVER touch until retirement (you’ll thank yourself in the long run), 10% should go to tithing and/or charities as a way to share with others who may be in need, and the other 80% is the amount you work with for budgeting.

Save Your Money

It is essential to pay your savings account first to ensure you are saving a bit as often as you can. By having a healthy savings account, you will be more prepared for planned events or spontaneous emergencies. Putting aside ten percent of your check may seem like a lot at times, but if you always save a consistent amount from every paycheck, you will soon have a healthy fund in which to be proud.  Either way, a little money here and there will go a long way.

Tips to Reduce Wasteful Spending

Keep track of where you are spending money. I found this kept me accountable. I suggest you make a list of where and what you are spending your money on; you may find a reoccurring trend. If you are spending $10 a day on coffee, there you go, you found your wasteful spending! If you are thinking to yourself, “but Kari, I NEED my daily $10s of coffee !!” I would suggest looking through Groupon for coupons or deals that will help you get the bang for your buck.

Not everything requires money. There is PLENTY to do for little to no cost! The crucial thing is that you are saving money for when it counts. So, when you are bored at home thinking, “what can I do today”, consider going for a hike or going outside to play yard games with your friends and family instead of going to a movie or the mall.

It is important to remember; when you are smart with your money you will not be as financially stressed. As cheesy as it is, the best things in life are free. Materialistic objects will last until they wear down, memories last a life time.

Thank You Everyone! Keep Your Wallets Healthy This Summer!

Until Next Time, Carry On!

Kari RebmanTake Care of Your FINANCIAL Health this Summer (1)



For More Information, check these sources out:

Brady, Chris, and Woodward, Orrin. “Financial Fitness The Offense, Defense, and Playing Field of Personal Finance.” Life Leadership. First Edition, 2015.

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It’s all about the H2O

Summer is quickly approaching and the thoughts of warm weather, beaches, and tanning have consumed most people’s minds during the week of finals. Everyone likes to come back to school in the fall with a nice glow to their skin (I know I sure do). But not so fast. When all you care about is having that perfectly sun-kissed skin, are you really thinking about what your body actually needs? That need is water and you lose much more of it than you would think when you’re out catching some rays. Too much sun time can have multiple harmful effects on you and your body that you may want to keep in mind.

All about H2O image-TK

It seems that the main concern people have is getting sun burnt, but they neglect the idea of dehydration. It is incredibly easy to be enjoying a gorgeous summer day and forget to drink enough water, and that’s the scary thing. Your body is about 60 percent water and let me tell you, it likes to stay that way. The worst part about dehydration is it can really sneak up on you, and you have limited to no signs it could be coming. With that said, here are a few tips to prevent you from lacking one of the main things your body is going to need this summer:


  • Pack a water bottle wherever you go (Almost any place you go will have a refillable source when you run out)


  • Eat high-water content fruits. Some of these include: watermelon, pineapple, and oranges


  • STAY AWAY FROM SODA. An ice cold soft-drink sounds great in the summer, but it actually contributes to dehydration


  • If you know there is going to be a day you have to spend a great amount of time in the sun, hydrate hard the night before


The good news about all of this, is it is impossible to drink too much water. That being said, it may be a great idea to drink as much H2O as possible even when you’re out of the sun. I mean, why not, right?  Let this summer be all about having fun outside and enjoying the weather, but before you do so, ask yourself, “Did I have enough water today?”


|Don’t forget about the little things in life. They tend to have a BIG impact|


-Tyler Kloss

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Creative Traits? Leader Traits?

Check out this short article that talks about creativity!

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Cultural Intelligence (CQ): A Framework for Diversity Learning AND Action

Cross-cultural interactions are hard work. And, nobody behaves flawlessly in cross-cultural interactions.

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) isn’t a new and improved label for cultural competence — rather, it’s based on research that asked the underlying question:  Why can some individuals and organizations move in and out of varied cultures easily and effectively while others can’t?

For those of us who work in higher education, we often face an occupational hazard — thinking that knowledge alone is transformative. But knowledge alone is no guarantee of action.

Join us to explore how the four factors of CQ — Drive (motivation), Knowledge (cognition), Strategy (meta-cognition), and Action (behavior) — can enhance our “capability to function effectively in situations characterized by cultural diversity.”

Tuesday, October 23rd from 8:30 – 10:30 a.m. in Esker Hall, room 108.

Please click this link, Cultural Intelligence, to review an introductory article and visit the following websites to learn more prior to our workshop:

Linn Van Dyne:

David Livermore:

Tom Rios

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Who do you want to understand more?

Recently had some great conversations with some graduate students in regard to the attached article.  strange(1) I learned about the article from Brent Bilodeau and thought it might generate some other great conversations.

“A unique strategy known as the “Voice Project” engaged 70 student affairs graduate students in an exploration of human differences, con- centrating on issues of age, race and ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation. Outcomes of journal entries revealed steps students took in learning to see through the eyes of individuals different from themselves.

After we read the article we contemplated and discussed what “voice” did we want to understand at a deeper level. How about you??

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Division of Student Affairs Annual Report 2011 – 2012

It is difficult to capture all of the powerful ways in which UW-Whitewater Student Affairs staff impact the lives of students. The Division of Student Affairs Annual Report is an incomplete, though selective narrative, to highlight representative examples of our staff’s contribution to the learning mission of our University. Please click the link, Student Affairs Annual Report 2011-12, to download the report.

Tom Rios

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“LEAP: Reflections and Learning” April 17, 2012.

LEAP: Learning and Reflection in the Division of Student Affairs.

Tuesday, April 17th, 8:30-11:00am, Esker Hall.

Over the last year, units across the Division of Student Affairs have engaged in a diverse range of activities related to Liberal Education: America’s Promise (LEAP). With a primary focus on reflection, integration, and “meaning making,” we will explore our individual and collective learning related to LEAP efforts. What have we discovered about ourselves, and in turn, students in relationship to LEAP?  Introductory comments—Tom Rios,  “Putting Students First: Promoting Lives of Purpose and Meaning.” Prior to session, please review related article: Putting_Students_First_-_Promoting_Lives_of_Purpose_and_Meaning. Clicking the link will download the presentation to your computer. You can then view it at you convenience. Sincerely, Dr. Brent Bilodeau.

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