African American Professor arrested in home

Henry Louis Gates in one of the premier African American professors in America. He teaches at Harvard, the number one university in US, perhaps in the world, and he was arrested after someone called the cops on him as he tried to break into his own house after he discovered that the door was jammed. Do a quick google search on this story. What do you think?

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  1. The Criminal Justice system is state and power. And we have seen this in the past with race with the Rodney King case. Its like when it comes to the Criminal Justice system African Americans are still being treated unfairly. This is sad that things like this are still going on today. When i watched this on the news last night, it said the police officer refused to apologize. Sure the professor may have mouthed off to the cop, but what person wouldnt when they were being accused of breaking into a house that was theirs.

  2. I saw that on the news the other day. It is clear that the actions taken by the police had to be racially based considering that after they confronted the professor, he showed adequate documentation that it was his house and tried to explain the situation, yet they still arrested him. I would have to assume that being a Harvard professor, he carries himself well and tried to handle the situation in a civilized effort. It is disappointing to see that had their been even the slightest effort of understanding by the police, a bad situation would have never taken place. In fact, they may have been able to help the professor.

  3. I agree that it was racially based. Mr. Gates was able to prove that the home was in fact his, and even offered an explanation for everything, however, the police didn’t buy it. I think was sad, ridiculous, and – in the words of Barack Obama – “stupid” (one a side note, the police officers are asking President Obama to apologize for his remarks….absolutely ridiculous again). I feel horrible for Mr. Gates for the embarrassment and prejudice he has received from the Cambridge police.

  4. According to the police officer interviewed today, the professor never offered documentation. Look at just the facts. The police were called to a home where he was attempting to “break in” to his jammed door. It is fair to assume that this police officer did not get his police science degree from Harvard so it can be assumed that he was not going to recognize him as the home owner. Why couldn’t Professor Gates have given him his ID instead of refusing it? At that point he has to know that police officers responding to a reported robbery can’t politely ask the potential thief for a hug, a bite to eat and ID if it’s convenient. The nature of their job requires attention to detail without emotion. Had there been an actual break in while he was away would Professor Gates have criticized the police for not getting there fast enough?

    I can understand his rush to judgement in this case (as I see it) based on the type and quantity of atrocities that he has researched during his distinguished career. However, it seems to me that the officers responded in the same cold, precise manner that makes them appear insensitive to everyone they come in contact with whild doing their job. This is based on the assumption that in this case this is not a racist jerk cop which it appears it is not.

    I’ve met Professor Gates. He seems to be a fine man. Clearly a more intelligent man than anyone else involved in this issue. However, if he was a white man the treatment would have been exactly the same there would just be a lower undercurrent of tension.

  5. I agree–it is ridiculous that the police force asked Obama to apologise for his remark.
    It certainly does seem like racial profiling, and that’s just not right.

  6. I just shake my head at things like this. We all know the the police offers that arrested him were NOT ONLY “doing their job”, there was some kind of racial hatred they must of had.What makes it worse it that he was a professer at Harvard, he wasn’t just some random thug. Now if it he were white and was saw trying to get into his house, I’m sure that someone would have tried to assist him in some way. It’s just bad to know that police assume that your up to no good just by the color of your skin.

  7. Oh come on, what really should be the focus here, is why the heck the neighbors didnt recognize him and come out to help. Maybe such luminaries dont mingle, I dunno, just seemed kind of odd to me. Wouldnt you recognize your neighbor??

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