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Trump Tax Plan

By Trevor Valescu | April 26, 2017

Today around 1:30pm EST, in the White house Press Room, Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin and National Economic Director Gary Cohn announced President Trump’s Tax Reform plan said to be one of the biggest tax cuts in the history of our nation. Small and large businesses, mom and pop shops, etc will all have their taxes brought down to a flat tax of around 15% to encourage growth and staying within the United States. They also went along to mention the removal of the Death Tax, a controversial tax that put strain on families on an unfair tax that shouldn’t have existed in the first place. Along with the Death Tax, taxes themselves will be simplified in a manner that doesn’t require a professional to do your taxes for you, and won’t require you to do them twice as some require now. This tax cut is a net boon to the American people as a whole, keeping more money in their pockets from their earnings, and encouraging a growing jobs markert for the unemployed to find work and feed their families. While this is only an outline and not the bill in its entirety, the larger tax cuts are being worked out with the Senate and the House so that this reform will become law once signed by the President. It’s a large step in the right direction after many weeks of uncertainty and ill news coming from left and right. I will make more posts as information pours in as the day goes on. God Bless America, and God Bless President Trump.

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Truth of France’s Election and the Immigration Problem

By Trevor Valescu | April 9, 2017

It’s that time again where we look into the deteriorating conditions of Europe, particularly where it concerns the nation of France and their growing state of disarray with an election that could shift the politics of France back to the right, a place it hasn’t been in decades, and an end to the constant Islamic terror attacks plaguing their country for the last few years. One of the most important parts of this election is the continuation of the political shockwave that Britain sent throughout the world when it voted to leave the European Union and decide its own future and policies.

If Marie Le Pen, leader of National Front, wins this upcoming election she will no doubt begin the process of leaving the Socialist Union, closing their borders to immigrants, deporting said immigrants, and bringing their country back from the brink of death at the hands of the globalist’s weasely deals. It’s a chilling thought that these events have taken so long to unfold, and Europe’s people haven’t woken up to the threat they face until its almost too late to do anything to reverse the course they’re on. Do they not realize what they will lose if Western Civilization falls to hordes of migrants who wish to subvert our ways of life? Have they not read into the history of those past fighting, dying, and struggling so that these great nations may live and thrive long after they’re gone, only to spit on everything they worked for? It’s an affront to our culture and our people, and it must be pulled out by the roots and burned away like the infection it truly is.

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U.S. Missile Strike in Syria

By Trevor Valescu | April 9, 2017

When I first heard the news, I was under the impression this was all some sort of internet prank gone wrong, but when articles started popping up all over the internet on how we had just launched 59 missiles at the airbase supposedly responsible for the chemical attack that took place on April 4th 2017 in Syrian, I was in shock. This was the first time that President Donald Trump has taken military action against a sovereign nation for the chemical attacks that to me, seem particularly coincidental. My biggest question is why would you gas your own people when you’re winning the war when you know something like that is just going to get you into trouble with the people helping you crush the terrorists. This has led me to believe we’ve been deceived by a lie intended to plant the seeds of mistrust between us and the Russians who are a stout ally of Syria in the fight against Islamic Terrorism. The good news is that the only things targetted in the strike were some planes and warehouses that supposedly housed the chemicals that were used in the attack on the people. This attack was nothing more than a warning as the Syrian Air Force was quickly back in the air conducting strategic bombings of the rebels in his country with no effect on his ability to do so. All of this was happening while the President of China was visiting the U.S. to talk about the looming problem of North Korea and how China needs to be ready to deal with it, or we would. This coincides with the large naval activity around the Korean Peninsula shortly after this attack as we may finally be seeing the end of the tiny dictator’s mad reign and saber rattling.

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Your Job IS To Get Married And Have Children

By Trevor Valescu | April 9, 2017

Hello everyone, today I’ve come before you to talk about the decline of Western civilization and the replacement of the majority demographic with that of the minority demographic. Now the first thing that comes to your mind might be is, “How is the West in decline, we’re doing just fine and living the life that everyone dreams of haivng access too.” Well that would be true if this was America after the second World War was won and the economy was constantly rising. The rate of births in white Americans has been steadily declining since the 1965 Immigration Act put in place by Lydon B. Johnson not long before the Vietnam War. What this did was introduce an immigration policy that allowed thousands of low skilled workers to flood into the country from impoverished lands and fill up positions that we would normally be working in. Not only that, but they were given billions in tax relief, social security checks, and foods stamps, encouraged to make tons of babies, and begin us down a path of ever increasing welfare status that we find ourselves living in to this day. It’s not wrong to look at this and be scared that you are being replaced by cheap labour forces because in reality that is infact the case. Not only do they act as a cheap labor alternative to the native populace of the country, they are additional free votes for the Democrats and Socialists/Communists that bring them in for this very purpose.
white genocide numbers

It’s a hard reality to come across that you’re not worth the time of your own country because you’d be too much to pay for and feed when all of your hard earned money is being sent to those who’ve been offered a new start only to sit on their hands and feet doing nothing but stuffing their faces and pumping out more children than you could afford in your lifetime due to paying for all thier expenses. Its time to wake up and realize the true role you play in society; to end this madness and return life to the way it once was, three white babies at a time.

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Europe’s Growing Migrant Crisis

By Trevor Valescu | April 9, 2017

This isn’t a very new topic to cover, but it’s one that’s been ongoing for quite some time of late. Excessive numbers of asylum seekers have been flooding into the Western world due to displacement of their own homes by the Syrian Civil War raging within their country. These migrants seemed little more than people in need of rescue and a place to lay low from the troublesome life, but turned out to be an absolute nightmare for the populace. As you may have heard from the news, along with this wave of migrants has come infiltrators in the form of the Islamic State, a growing Islamic terror that is hell bent on the subversion of the world through terror, warfare, and bloodshed. These people have infiltrated the ranks of refugees and those sympathetic to their cause who’ve also come to the West to sew the seeds of terror on our very doorsteps. France, Belgium, U.K. Germany, Sweden, and even Italy have all had their hospitality rewarded by the wholesale slaughter of their people, rape of their culture and women, and lost all will to stand up for thier right to exist as a culture and race. Instead of calling out the crisis for what it is, these puppet globalist politicians in Europe bend the knee to Islam and its people, allowing them to shape their laws to their liking and allow atrocities to go unpunished and take no action to fix them. Instead, they continue to allow thousands a day to pour in unchecked and carry out dastardly attacks against our people and way of life. I ask you to open your eyes to the truth and see what is really going on and why you’re not allowed to question it.

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Shia Lebouf: Episode 3 of HWNDU: PEPE Strikes Back

By Trevor Valescu | March 12, 2017

An important lesson for anyone who is a frequent browser of the internet; never tell 4chan something is impossible, as Shia Labeouf has learned countless times over the course of 2017 and the end of 2016. The Glorious Keyboard Champions of Light have once again befuddled Shia’s plans of a four-year long protest against the Trump Administration. After his last attempt at showing defiance in the face of defeat and unmeasurable odds, the failing movie star took his protests elsewhere, to an unknown location, and raised his white flag (ironic if you think about the premise of a white flag) up on a flagpole in the middle of nowhere. To defend against the rigorous trolling by 4chan and Trump Supporters alike, the camera was pointed up at an angle so that the location wouldn’t be given away to those viewing the live stream. Unbeknownst to Shia and all the liberal crybaby snowflakes over at #HWNDU, 4chan’s chief operatives were hard at work discovering the location of the flag. The declared this an official game of ‘Capture the Flag’ between the hard working members of society on the right, the winners, and the temper tantrum throwing losers of the left. The search began on March 8 and was immediately narrowed when Labeouf was spotted on social media at a diner in Greenville, Tennessee, although some in the thread still believed the flag was in the Great Lakes area due to wind patterns. The time of the sunset in Greenville matched with the time of sunset on the stream, and so did the weather on local weather reports.

4channers began looking into flight patterns. One of the few clues available on the stream were the contrails left by airplanes. Greenville was finally confirmed as the location after two planes observed on online flight radars intersected over the town and were seen on the stream.

Finally when three planes flew over the area, 4channers were able to triangulate an approximate location of the flag. The area proved too vast for them to loacte by means of camera alone, so they decided on reviving ancient astrology to locate the flag from the camera, and ultimately it worked to narrow it down. To find the exact location, they sent out a man from 4chan, a local to Tennesse, to find the exact spot. He went out with his truck around Greenville while 4channers watched on the livestream, and began honking his horn to help them triangulate its exact location. The trail led into a field on private property next to some poor soul’s house. Tennessee based 4channers were standing by to capture the flag. After scoping out the area for hours they finally made a move. The anonymous group stole the “He Will Not Divide Us” flag and replaced it with a Trump “Make America Great Again” hat and a Pepe the Frog t-shirt.

Good Night Left Side

The flag pole was left barren on stream all morning until Shia arrived in the morning and turned the stream off in utter defeat. This saga of challenges proposed to 4chan is likely far from over, and it won’t be long until we witness more inspiring antics courtesy of our friends over on the Politically Incorrect board of green text.
God Bless America and God Bless Trump.

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Gaging The Political Ideology Shifts

By Trevor Valescu | March 12, 2017

To start off this section of my blog, I’ve decided to take a different approach than what I’ve previously done. Today I’d like to bring the past year and the first fifty days of this new administration and give my own feedback on the matter. To everyone’s unanimous observations, we can see that this election cycle was one of historic proportions. For the first time in our 240 years as a nation, George Washington’s vision of anyone being able to lead this country to greatness is starting to come to fruition. He never wanted a dual party system for fear of bureaucracy halting the greatness of American potential with political squabbles, ideological clashes, and rampant corruption. I’ve seen first hand the strength and resolve of the Trump Effect on the masses and my own beliefs that has moved the majority of this nation to a state of High Energy and vigorous resolve to Make America Great Again, and put its people’s interests before the interests of any other global entity that wishes to control our lives.

With this effect has come the largest, and quickest economic boon since the 20th century, with the stock market continuing to climb to record-breaking numbers consecutively, and businesses flooding back to our shores from overseas accompanied by billions of dollars in infrastructure investment. Illegal immigration has dropped a staggering 40% in the last month alone, and construction of our Great Border Wall is already in the works and applications to the Border Patrol, and I.C.E are at all time highs. This countries gears have been stagnant for the last three decades, but are now finally coming to life with new vision and direction leading them into the future. Steel mills are once again churning out steel for the next large scale infrastructure repairs and projects, (Steel piping made in America will be used to create the Dakota Access Pipeline, and all other pipelines of the future) and now our eyes are once again set upon the stars that shine brightly in the distance with a new calling for space exploration, and the promise of colonization. If there was ever any doubt of the monumental events occurring and your importance in seeing them through to the end, I hope this has shed some light on the subject and made you think of what you can do for America’s future and a future for our people.

God Bless America and God Bless President Donald J. Trump.

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Oh, What a Lucky Knight (1928)

By Trevor Valescu | February 26, 2017

The early silent Walt Disney cartoon Oh, What a Lucky Knight (1928) shows Oswald the Lucky Rabbit riding along on a donkey playing an accordion, a very lively scene with musical notations flying out of his instrument which was the silent era’s method of indicating sound.

At a silent film house, any organist worth his salt would’ve provided actual music, with the organ set to sound like an accordion or concertina. A version posted at youtube by some witty fellow going by Hya Powa has added an actual tune, a speeded up version of “Ain’t Gonna Rain No More,” which is surprisingly effective, & has given the entire film a soundtrack better than the ones Walter Lantz added to some reissued silent Oswalds.

The gleeful donkey dances to the tune, miraculously not shaking Oswald off his back. But eventually the donkey stumbles & falls down a hillside upside-down, Oswald riding on his belly as upon a sled.

They land in an swamp, wherein an alligator manages to eat the donkey’s tail, then laughs at the donkey who is distraught to have his tail docked. Fortunately he’s able to pull on his own stub & stretch it out to its original length.

Oswald meanwhile comes to a castle surrounded by a moat. These early cartoons really didn’t care about continuity or if one scene failed to lead rationally into the next. You have to give it rather too much thought to realize the alligator swamp was actually a castle moat.

Musical notations issue from his mouth as he whistles up to the balcony for his girlfriend, a cat. She blows him a kiss in quite an amusing manner & his pants fall down. Oswald tries to serenade her but his accordion is full of water. The donkey arrives, laughing at Oswald’s failed attempts at music, but then helps him climb to the balcony where Oswald stretches out the kitty’s arm kissing along the absurd length.

The bear-like villain Pete turns out to have the kitty trapped in the castle tower. When Oswald gets inside the tower, he finds his girlfriend chained to an iron ball. Pete is after him in full armor, armed with pike. Oswald has no armor or weapon, but he finds a sword leaning up against the wall.

A duel ensues, with Oswald’s shadow sharp against the wall. Eventually Oswald gives the sword to his shadow, which remains behind to continue the duel as Oswald goes to greet his kitty girlfriend, who seems very happy though still chained up.

More duelling antics procede, Oswald rushing to the kitty to get kisses between moments of action. Eventually he gets the iron ball off the kitty’s leg. Pete is joined by some robotic toy soldiers but Oswald uses the iron ball to knock them down like bowling pins. He then spits a big black wad of spit at Pete which kills him.

As Oswald & Kitty try to leave by the door, they discover a lion guards the other side, & so they leap out the balconied window toward the moat.

Oh, What a Lucky Knight is rather primitive & by the time Walt set out on his own & created Steamboat Willie (1928), he was so steeped in Oswald for Universal that “Willy” (afterward Mickey Mouse) is pretty obviously Oswald with round ears. Oswald himself as designed by Walt & Ub Uwerks was really only Felix the Cat with lengthened ears.

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Coney Island Silent Film

By Trevor Valescu | February 26, 2017

The first major big-audience outlet for Thomas Edison’s films was at Coney Island, & Edison Manufacturing Co or American Mutoscope reciprocated by making a number of short-short films set there, for use in kinetoscopes. Some anonymous short-shorts include The Aerial Slide at Coney Island (1897) putting bathing beauties on the popular amusement ride; ‘King’ & ‘Queen’ the Great High Diving Horses; or, its full title, (1899) with A horse-diving act, forty feet down into the Shoot the Chutes lagoon; Around the Flip Flap Railroad (1902) which was the first rollercoaster to include a loop-de-loop.

Shooting the Chutes at Luna Park (1903) at two minutes’ length is one of a handful of such films that focus on individual rides at Coney Island. This one features “The Chutes” which consisted of a giant sliding board for flat-bottomed boats.

coney island 1 Viewed from the lagoon, we see boats launched from the top of the slide, racing downward, & shooting across the water. Boats would eventually be hooked to a lift & ratcheted to the top of the slide for another go. What a great ride, looks like a wonderful way to get killed too. (As an aside, Captain Paul Boyton who designed the Chutes also built one at the World’s Columbia Exhibition in Chicago in 1893, & sold the design to be built again at Fulton Street Park built along the same plan, opened in 1895.)

Orphans in the SurfOrphans in the Surf aka Children in the Surf (1903) at just under a minute & a half shows tiny toddlers in a straight line, fully clothed or in their diapers, jumping up & down & splashing in the Coney Island surf, cute as the dickens. A few kids wade out further. They then play ring around the rosies at the tame surf’s edge, then it’s back to wading.

Orphans is reported to have been filmed by A. C. Abadie, with assistance from G. W. Bitzer. Abadie also did the Coney Island film Baby Class at Lunch (1903). These two films really do portray orphans, so there’s an underlying sadness even to the sweetness of these films of children. Baby Class at Lunch showing a couple dozen toddlers having a meal on a staircase isn’t obviously about Coney Island but was probably shot the same day as Orphans in the Surf.

Tragedies caught on film during that first wave of cinema were the precursors to newsreels. A Total Accident (1903) shows bicycle trick rider William Gordon wiping out while circling the loop; & Great Fire Ruins Coney Island (1903) shows the Bowery section of the park after a fire swept through.

porter-rube-mandy Quite a few more anonymous films in the half-minute to three-minute range could be cited from just before & just after 1900, keeping the kinetoscopes full of new product.

The longest Coney Island film from Edison’s company was a veritable epic at just over twelve minutes, Rube & Mandy at Coney Island (1903) directed by one of the company’s best directors, Edwin S. Porter.

With special focus on a young couple, we’re shown many of the things one can do at Coney Island, including riding stuffed horses around the steeplechase, riding on yoked cows, tightrope walking for clumsy amateurs (with extra ropes to cling to by hand or armpits), & sliding down a tube called “The Down & Out” onto a pile of adults & a few kids, into a different area of the park.
After a long panoramic view of the park, we rejoin Rube & Mandy riding a camel (a criminally short ride), riding little boats, watching a cutesy dog-show plus monkey.

There Rube is misbehaving like a drunk though he has not been filmed drinking. Lastly while in Luna Park they go “shooting the chutes.”

In “the Bowery” section of the park, Mandy & Rube are accosted by a barker, but he never succeeds at getting them to go inside his attraction.

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Mcloud Style Analysis of Fun Home

By Trevor Valescu | February 18, 2017

McCloud refers to the gutters as the space in between panels where “human imagination takes two separate images and transforms them into a single idea” (McCloud 66.) This is such a profound concept to me and definitely deepened both my understanding and appreciation for comic books. It had never occurred to me how much happens between those panels and how much is left to the reader/viewer’s imagination. It’s rather indulgent and I love it! And the whole idea that our brains automatically create closure out of things that don’t have closure– that we don’t actually see a character being killed, but see a gun and “hear” a gunshot via a word bubble, yet we have a vivid mental image of how he was killed– it’s astonishing!
For instance, let’s turn attention to the three panels on page 34. Though the gutter between the top two images is not very big, I, as the reader/viewer, can deduce that these scenes did not occur one right after the other. The first pictures the mother and her children, doing chores, etc. The next pictures the author sitting in her bed reading The Addams Family. However, between the second and third panel, I see a much shorter lapse of time because, even though it’s from a different angle, the author is still sitting in her bed, reading the same book. Could this scene actually have occurred on a different night? I’m sure it could have. But the similarity between the two frames leads me to believe that they happened very close together. As McCloud points out in chapter 4, gutters can have an impact on time; they can make scenes seem like they happened close together or far apart depending on the size of the gutter. The physical size frames makes a difference, too– the bigger the frame, the more time it will require to view everything in it. He also makes a big deal about words. It takes much more time to view a frame if there are words as opposed to just an image. They have the same setting and use mostly the same characters. The biggest difference is that there are words in the second one. Even though it may only take one second longer for me to view the dialogue, the truth is that it will take longer because it’s there.
Another aspect of time that McCloud focuses on is transitions. I noticed that this graphic novel utilizes a lot of subject-to-subject and scene-to-scene transitions. The screenshot above is a great example of a subject-to-subject transition. It is staying within the same topic and idea; in fact, the appearance of these frames is very similar. However, the subject/focus has shifted from the family just hanging out in the cemetery to the author asking if she can get in the casket hole; this is aided even further by the fact that she speaks in this frame. Scene-to-scene transitions are seen all over this graphic novel. Page 27 in Fun Home goes from scene to scene in every frame. This requires a lot of reader involvement because it’s not moment to moment; the reader/viewer has to think about it (McCloud 71.) For this reason, the narration is incredibly helpful because it fills in the gaps and helps the frames seem much more congruent. This leads me to the topic of word-image relationships. I never realized how complex
this relationship is, but McCloud has seven categories for it! The type that describes this graphic novel in its entirety is inter-dependent, which McCloud notes as the most common type (McCloud 155.) on page 31 from Fun Home. If you gave me the images with no words, I would be completely lost. If you gave me the words with no images, I would be completely lost. Both are equally important in this graphic novel and support each other to convey meaning to the reader/viewer. What is interesting about it is that much of its word messages are done through narration as opposed to dialogue. Fun Home used its narration to tell the story.

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