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To start off this about page, I’ll shed some light on a few characteristics that will define this page.

I am a Nationalist American Trump Supporter. I love PC and PS4 gaming and my soon to be wife. I’m a devout follower of Christ, half of me being Lutheran and the other half Orthodox in my views. I support the right of the Crusades to take back all the stolen Holy Lands that our ancestors dies to protect. I believe in our President Trump for he has done more for American in 12 days than any other president has accomplished. Shadily brothers and sisters, for Pepe is truth.

Now that you know a fraction of information on me, I’ll get into the content type. What I’m going for is a look through the might of a Right of center individual to spark intrigue and question your previous leanings. I want to show you another way of looking at events in the world with another pair of eyes. I will encourage talk from either side and I will not intervene unless things get out of hand; this is to be a place of learning and awakening for those looking for a taste of the Right Side. Posts will be political in nature and encompass film, culture, politics and narration in society. I hope you return each time having learned more and more of what you’ve been missing out on.