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By Trevor Valescu | October 7, 2017

With it’s growing popularity around the world, and here within the borders of the United States, I’ve decided to delve into the core of what makes the nationalist activism so attractive to youth in this day and age; i’m speaking of course of the Alt-Right, White Nationalism, and American Nationalism. The three are very similar and often find themselves with the same goals and mindsets to go with it. Their main platforms of communication have always been social media. It’s ability to connect people across vast distances has made their lives simpler in distributing their messages to the populace and gathering new supporters with every passing day. just recently, a pew study showed that over 10% of Americans support or identify with the Alt-Right and other nationalist movements. It may not sound like much, but given the population of the U.S is over 321 million, that’s over 32,662,579 people backing this movement. This is not something to be overlooked, rather its something that should be investigated and see what makes them so likable to the public. Why do people join and support them amid all this turmoil? By the end of my story i’m hoping to shed some light on this conundrum with the help of a few people I know that have an opinion to share on them.

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