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Love Online

By Trevor Valescu | September 19, 2017

A story of love through long distances and electronic communications that helps us understand the magic of the internet. The two subjects in the article, Henry and Sarah, both met through online chat groups and found the same interests in one another. They grew close online, sharing info about one another, all the while having never met in person. Comparisons are drawn between lovers during wartime. The main example used was soldiers and their loves back home during World War 1. Letters were the only form of connection one could have with their significant others back home, and relied upon both parties’ familiarity with one another to keep their bonds strong while apart. In these times, online relationships are a rickety boat just waiting to capsize, and there were many times when these two seemed ready to break before meeting. Henry proved himself capable of keeping a relationship going with his developing communication skills. Since the only way of transmitting their feelings is through typing, this is a crucial skill for anyone wishing to engage in electronic conversations with others. In the end, they met up, but not long after were split apart as they were still young and interests were changing. It’s important to note that the relationship experience gained from this type of engagement will most undoubtedly make connecting with others outside the computer that much easier.

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