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What’s up with Trump and Andrew Jackson

By Trevor Valescu | May 1, 2017


The big questions of the day come in the form of President Trump’s praise for his predecessor, President Andrew Jackson. Everyone is taught in school that he was somehow a bad man because of the Indian Removal Act imposed by him to relocate the natives further away for expansion purposes. What no one is ever taught is the violence of these tribes toward settlers just trying to make a life in this new world they’ve had to relocate to due to persecution in their home countries. Jackson knew that keeping Americans and Natives in the same vicinity would only lead to more conflicts with each other and came to congress on December 6th, 1830 with the Indian Removal Act that would lead to their displacement to avoid future conflicts. What the media likes to capitalize on is the fact that these people did not go willingly in some cases which led to scuffles and deaths along the “Trail of Tears” as it is known by many. It was in by no means some form of genocide against Natives, but a way to keep the conflict from occurring as we continued to colonized and make something of the land that had been till then wasted by people stuck in the stone age.

Now as for the Trump comparisons that the media has also been purporting to us, they aren’t without merit, to say the least. Both are praised for their stance against the globalist elitists and lobbyists that run our country from behind the scenes. They both are candidates out of the normalcy of life as they favored the working, businessman who produced for society rather than those who profited and did little to improve the growth of the nation.

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