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Rush Limbaugh’s Rant Against Party Incompetence

By Trevor Valescu | May 1, 2017

I was going to close up shop on my daily posts for today until I saw an astonishing sight from a well known figure in political media. Today almost a half hour ago from when I started typing, Rush Limbaugh began his rant against the establisment and members of both sides of the government for intentionally halting the progress of fixing the country.
Rush Limbaugh rant part 1

As you can clearly see from his typing, he’s not at all thrilled with the slow grind of the system as they do everything in their power to halt their impending defeat from those who won fairly and decisively. “It wasn’t just Trump that people voted for. It was Republicans in Congress, Republicans in the Senate.” That statement there strikes hard like a edged blade carving through your skin. It’s hard not to notice this basic principle of our government; not everyone we put in is going to do what they say. We need to hold EVERYONE accountable for fixing the nation as they promised. In my eyes, and clearly Rush’s eyes, Trump is not to blame for the failures that are occuring at the moment. It’s the unwillingness of the Republicans to push their agenda forward and use their leverage to their advantage. The Democracts have shown they will not play nice with this administration, so in order to deal with them they need to get tough and show the American people they really did vote for stength and not for a bunch of lying snakes with no backbone to support their claims.

Rush Limbaugh rant part 2

Rush Limbaugh rant part 3

Rush Limbaugh rant part 4

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