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Trump’s Wall Situation

By Trevor Valescu | April 26, 2017

A relatively good acquaintance of mine who runs a FaceBook page called Disdain For Plebs. He has over 287,000 likes on said page and regularly comments on the news and his random thoughts of the day. Today is one of those commenting days where he decides to post onto his podcast on YouTube and talk about the Trump Presidency as it stands. We’ve both seen the Trump Presidency under different light sources of late, but we can agree on the two things that he’s mentioned that he doesn’t like so far; The Syria Situation, and the new situation with the Wall. Let’s start with the Syria debacle. This goes back to my post from the beginning of April where Trump launched over 60 tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airbase, supposedly responsible for the gas attacks two days prior. This shook up his base quite a bit considering we had been told we wouldn’t be messing with Assad or the Russians. There was talk of World War 3 occurring out of this and other doomsday speculation. Utter nonsense as nothing has come of it to this day and even more good news has come since then. China is going to help take out North Korea, tax reform is coming, we might pull out of the North American Free Trade Act finally, and continuation of dismantling regulations that cost us billions. There are all these positives going through to look at as moving forward with the Trump Administration, and yet people still want to continue counter-signaling him for two things that happened that shook the foundations. The key message is to rethink your standards for him and don’t think he’s impenetrable, but don’t write this President off as he’s the best thing we’ve got. God Bless America and God Bless President Trump.

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