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Flowers on Campus are Blooming!

The hot weather is reaching us slowly and I’m loving it. The weather feels best when it stays in mid 70’s with minimal humidity. I wish it would stay like this forever for the rest of the summer but of course living in Wisconsin my whole life, I know that it is very unlikely. It seems like the flowers finally have decided to bloom and is looking great around our campus! Too bad the students aren’t here to see our campus look even more beautiful than it already is. Here is a gallery of a few pictures I’ve taken around campus near the Wells area.

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First Two Weeks of Summer in UWW

Wells Panorama

School’s out and most students have gone back home to their families. Summer in UWW is like a ghost town, but that doesn’t necessarily ¬†mean it’s a bad thing. With students gone, this place is so peaceful and quiet. Here is a picture of Wells and the parking lot. No students in sight, no cars in sight. For a person like me who loves to be around people, it can get pretty lonely. Especially when you see your friends enjoying their times at home with their families through social media. I still have a good chunk of friends here though that I will call family for the next three months! My future for this summer is looking like it will be work 8 hours a day, come home and rest (maybe nap), hopefully get some workouts done, and many nights of Netflix. I’m ready for you summer! Sort of.

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M.A.S.S. Study Table Night

Yesterday, March 19th, 2014, I joined MASS (Multicultural Affairs and Student Success) at their Study Table Night at Wells. During this Study Table Night, students gather to study, socialize with one another, and just embrace in each other’s presence. Food was provided by Residence Life. MASS is a resource for minorities studying at UW-Whitewater. They offer resources such as tutoring services, lecture series (where they bring an inspiring speaker in to give a speech to students), study tables, and much more. One of their main goals are to keep the minority retention rates on campus at a high level. I asked one of the MASS staff, Bridgette Jordan, what she enjoyed most about working with MASS. In her response, she mentioned that she love working with students of different culture and she loves the diversity that she sees daily. She also mentioned that it’s an amazing site to see all of the students at study tables enjoying themselves, whether it be actually studying, socializing, or playing games. These students aren’t forced to come together but yet they choose to come at their own free will and enjoy each other’s presence. To Bridgette, that’s the amazing thing about her job. You can find out more about MASS at:¬†

-Yeejkim Yang

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