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Department, Class, Student, Faculty/Staff


  • Login with your NetID and password in the box below.
  • Once logged-in, navigate to the bottom of the left column and click the button labeled Blog Request.
  • When you choose a “Blog Category”, DO NOT choose Student Organization unless you are a recognized campus organization and have been renewed through the Career & Leadership Development Office.

Approved blogs will be available within 1 business day of the request.

Student Organizations

Beginning in Fall 2016, student organizations will utilize web services provided through connectUww. Blogs will no longer be created for Student Organizations, and those currently using blog services will need to migrate all content to connectUww by December 31, 2016. For detailed instructions regarding creating a website through connectUww, see the Website Builder Walkthrough, found at

For instructions related to moving an existing website, see the overview found at

Important Note: All student organizations must be renewed on an annual basis. If you are unsure or need to renew your student organization, follow the steps found at Web pages will only remain visible for currently recognized student organizations.

Getting Started: To start building your site, you will need to be an administrator for your organization’s portal on connectUww. From there:

  • Go to
  • Log in with your personal net-id and password
  • Using the search function or the “My Memberships” tab, navigate to the organization portal for which you are building a web site
  • At the organization portal, click on “More” and then “Website”
  • From there, use the tutorials identified above to build out your site! For more information or additional assistance, please make an appointment with the Student Involvement Office ( or 262-472-6217).


Not a student or faculty/staff member?

As per our use policy, only UW-W staff, faculty, and students may request a blog.

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