Feature Story Fieldwork Update

For this project, so far most of my work has been on the written portion.  I have been collecting information from various news articles about a new curriculum in India which is working toward teaching children how to be safe on the internet.  Google has introduced the program along with the National Council of Educational Research and Training.

The biggest difficulty with this project is finding sources who agree to do an audio / video interview with me.  I initially reached out to more people than I needed to with the assumption that some of them would say no, and I thought that since I had asked so many people that at least some of them would agree.  Now, I am finding that most are saying no and despite the fact that I was proactive and asked more people than necessary, I am still scrambling to find sources.  Thankfully, I have a video interview later today for this project and an audio interview on Monday, but I still need to find two more people to video interview.

I have completed one audio interview, and my source was very enthusiastic about the topic and offered a lot of information.  She is a marketing professor, so we were able to talk about the differences between how kids and adults are targeted online and how that may have a harmful impact on children.

Another thing I am struggling with in this project is the pictures aspect.  My story is about kids using the internet, so I am thinking that I will take some pictures of computers, cell phones, and other digital devices with the internet.  However, I feel like this would start to get repetitive after a while so I am having trouble thinking of other approaches I could take.

I hope that my other sources I have scheduled interviews with are like the marketing professor, and I hope that I can continue to keep scheduling interviews and finding other approaches to taking pictures.

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