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B.I.G.G.: Bridging the InterGenerational Gap

The partners of Project B.I.G.G. include Fairhaven Senior Services, UW-Whitewater Children’s Center, and UW-Whitewater faculty and student facilitators.

The goal for our project is to promote intergenerational activities through an innovative partnership between UW-Whitewater faculty, students, staff at the UW-Whitewater Children’s Center (UWW-CC) and Fairhaven Senior Center (FSC), children and Fairhaven volunteers (children call them “grand friends”).

Our Accomplishments:
1. Since the founding of Project B.I.G.G. in 2012, we have organized intergenerational activities with young children, grand friends, and facilitators every semester.
2. We have held meetings with FSC and UWW-CC staff to share and reflect on what we need from each other for intergenerational programming to be successful.
3. We have had informal visits between grand friends and children.
4. We have held professional development trainings for FSC and UWW-CC staff persons.
5. We held  kick-off and thank you celebrations to share times with residents, children, families, and staff who participate in Project B.I.G.G.