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    Gus’ Pizza Palace – 139 W. Main St.

    Gus’ Pizza Palace is the place to be if you are missing Chicago style pizza. This is a great restaurant for couples, families, or even a big celebration. The atmosphere feels like a family-owned restaurant with minimal loud noises and beautiful smells of fresh Italian pizza. The old-style booths and tables are inviting to stay for an hour or two, considering it is much warmer than most restaurants due to the massive ovens. Their most popular deal is on Monday, they have a large 2-topping thin crust pizza for $5.99. An interesting part of this restaurant is that they do not sell hard alcohol, only beer, and ciders due to a family-like environment. They do have a delivery service and you will be able to get your pizza within an hour. They do not have a website you can directly order off of so you must call to place your order, go into the restaurant, or order off of EatStreet.com. Downfalls that Gus’ Pizza Palace has is that they do not have gluten-free options and the only vegan options they provide are salads. Their menu is quite short but that is due to their most known for food being pizza. Their hours of operation fall later in the day, typically opening at 4:00pm and ending at 11:00pm, making this strictly a place to get dinner. Their customer service is excellent and the booths are very comfortable. This is a great place to eat if you are craving hand made pizza that can feed a family or just yourself.

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    Welcome, All Hungry Guests!

    Hello, foodies of Whitewater, Wisconsin! This blog is dedicated to trying out the restaurants and evaluating my experience in order for you to decide where you want to eat. I will be telling you everything you need to know before heading in to eat! No need for Yelp, the truth lies here with what to eat in order to have the best experience possible!