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As Keystone XL has been highlighted in various headlines, Enbridge Inc. has successfully slithered by the expansion of Line 61. Now areas from Superior, Wisconsin to Flanagan, Illinois will have the largest pipeline in North America running through their backyard. This decision resulted in a group of 13 students, under the supervision of Dr. Eric Compas, to formulate a report as a final project for the Spring 2015 Environmental Capstone class. The objectives of our report were to have:

  • Examined the impacts of tar sands on plants (Brassica rapa) using toxicology experiments, which focus on the relationship between exposure to tar sands and growth rate or possible mortality of these plants.

  • Examined the aquatic toxicology of tar sands on water fleas (Ceriodaphnia dubia).

  • Provided a brief potential geographical risk assessment of surface and ground water contamination.

  • Surveyed and Interviewed landowners’ with the pipeline running through their property.

  • Provided a regulatory analysis of the construction as well as the safety of Line 61.

We are pleased to release the Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment of Enbridge Line 61 Expansion report.