As I wrap up the end of my first academic year as Dean I have gained a true appreciation for the dedication and commitment of our faculty and staff.  Although this has never been a question in my mind, this year I’ve been able to witness it firsthand.  Walking through the halls of Upham on a late afternoon I see students working side-by-side in labs with their faculty mentors, in Laurentide I see faculty working into the evenings to provide extra help to student study groups that are clustered in the various corners of the building.  I see faculty and staff volunteering their time to work on campus during the weekends to host events, conferences, and other learning opportunities for our students.  There is no doubt that our students are well-served here and when I have asked those graduating to reflect on their time here this is one of the most common themes mentioned.  They truly notice the care and commitment our faculty and staff take in making sure each student is given every possible opportunity to be successful.

Fortunately, our strong reputation as a satisfying and rewarding place to work is established and thus we are able to recruit talented new faculty and staff each year into the college.  In the fall we will be pleased to introduce eight new faculty members that will be joining our college.  I have no doubt that they will contribute to the success of our students in the same ways that their new colleagues have done for so many years.  Check out our college web page or visit us on Facebook for more information about our newest faculty colleagues.

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