5. UW-Whitewater is Recognized Statewide as a Leader:

This past fall I attended the Board of Regents meeting at UW-Parkside. My main reason for being there was to help shepherd through a new major in Criminology that was approved by the Board with no concerns. We continue to develop new majors that respond to the interests of our students and the demands of the job market. I have no doubt that this major will be as successful as others recently developed in Japanese Studies, Environmental Science and Computer Science. However, what most caught my attention at the meeting was a presentation given by Chancellor Telfer on activities and accomplishments going on at UW-Whitewater. As he presented impressive statistics on our freshmen retention rates and success to graduation, growth of new majors, development and use of the Whitewater Innovation Center, the accomplishments of our faculty, and many other great achievements including the fact that UW-Whitewater has again been recognized as one of the top places to work in southern Wisconsin, I found myself increasingly feeling a sense of pride of working here and being a part of these great accomplishments. The positive comments by members of the Board of Regents after his presentation about UW-Whitewater as a “model” campus that others should follow only furthered that sense of pride. It is no wonder that Chancellor Telfer was selected to be the Interim President of the UW-System while the search for the new president took place earlier this year. This positive vibe was even further reinforced when I attended the Council of Colleges of Arts & Sciences annual meeting in November. There I heard other deans share some of the challenges they are currently dealing with on their campuses including the closing of some departments, faculty lay-offs, across the board budget cuts, poor faculty/staff morale, and woeful student retention rates. We’re very fortunate not to have these issues here at UW-Whitewater. Sometimes it’s hard to appreciate how good you have it until you hear about the problems others are having. This year I challenged my college to recognize how fortunate they are to work here and to be a part of the great things we’re doing!

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