4. The UW-Whitewater Student Body is Changing in Front of our Eyes:

It’s hard to believe that this is my 19th year on this campus. The UW-Whitewater that I was hired into in 1994 was a very different place than what we see today. The student body has become much more global and diverse with students from all over the country and all over the world- over 40 different states and 40 different countries this year alone. Students are also much more connected to campus. The days of the “suitcase campus” reputation are long gone and students are here throughout the week, during the summer, and even during holidays. The campus has made a commitment to provide students with opportunities to get more involved through undergraduate research, job opportunities, and a variety of student activities seemingly going on 24/7. I’m convinced this has gone a long way towards improving our student retention and success to graduation. A walk through Upham Hall on a random day this past summer amazed me because there was so much student activity going on in the various faculty research labs. Even more so, I was impressed at how many of them were women and from underrepresented populations. It has been a priority of ours to increase the number of majors in the sciences from these groups. Our STEM efforts are paying off! Let’s keep it going and expand these efforts into other areas of the college.

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