The move approaches.

Moving day will be upon us soon! This Friday  (October 20) the faculty and staff who will be moving to the fourth and fifth floor of Laurentide will begin “the move.” Then on successive Friday/Saturdays, third, second, and first floor will fill in. This week, we are all weeding our libraries, sending books to the library book sale, papers and files to archives, and unearthing some surprsing objects. The building looks great and will provide a wonderful place for collaboration, involving faculty and students. Please stop by and visit us! But we may need a day or so to get organized.

Also, I want to thank Baocheng Han and Steve Anderson for organizing a very productive meeting of Chemistry faculty within the UW System that was hosted on campus this last Friday and Saturday. John Warner gave an inspiring keynote on green chemistry and challenged those present to approach chemistry and the teaching of chemistry in more creative ways; the analogy he used was jazz improvization, in contrast to the cook book approach of classical music. (We do have some new green chemistry courses in the works.)   Mary Tilton, 1974 alumna and member of the Dean’s Advisory Board, gave the final keynote in which she described her work with Virent Technologies LLD where they are exploring alternative forms of energy and biofuel.

Also on Friday, collaborators from Biological Sciences, Chemistry, and Physics sponsored the third annual Nanoscience Symposium, held in Upham Hall. I’m delighted that we are so involved in these emerging technologies! Thanks to everyone involved!  Busy week!

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