The title of our new college blog actually was inspired by the work I did on my dissertation. “Only Connect” is the epigraph of the novel Howards End, written by E. M. Forster and published in 1910, a time of uncertainty and rapid social ,pollitical, and economic change. Read one way, it sounds easy: “Only connect,” that’s all we need to do. Read another way, skepticism creeps in. “Only connect” is a hypothetical goal: “if only we could connect.” Forster was concerned with divisions of all types: rich/poor, nature/culture, male/female, classic/contemporary, the inner life versus the outer life, the country versus the city, prose and passion..  I hope that this spot will provide a place to explore some of those oppositions and forge some connections.  To quote Bill Cronon from an essay  (also titled “Only connect”) that he wrote for the American Scholar, “More than anything else, being an educated person means being able to see connections that allow one to make sense of the world and act within it in creative ways.”   My hope is that this blogspot will be a place where we can move across disciplines, think about helping our students to integrate the sometimes disparate elements of their education, report on our future move to greater physical connection in fewer buildings, and reach out to those in our community.  As Margaret Schlegel says in Howards End–  “Live in fragments no longer!”

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