Parking Lot Peril




Location: Madison, WI

Across the street from a rather populated area of Madison, Greenway

Station, lies a parking lot previously used for “Convention Center

Parking” for a nearby Marriott hotel. This lot has very little traffic nowadays, the only use is to hold a few unmarked storage containers. While this lot has only been “abandoned” for roughly 2 years at this point, some plant-life has come through the parking stalls.

This picture is cropped to show the exact area in which the wild-grass comes through the pavement, where the blacktop and concrete meet. Even though these “plants” are small, there are many appearing throughout the entirety of the parking lot. This basic variety of Nature versus Concrete shows that with only a couple short years, mother nature will take advantage of unused space.

As foundation and structures become a large part of our lives, we can forget that nature wants to break through. Remember, Nothing’s Concrete.

-Tyler S.