Hien Nguyen


I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning to sail my ship”


My teaching goals are to help students to maximize their potential, realize their dreams and make sure they are ready to achieve the dreams no matter what. My favorite areas of teaching include artificial intelligence, introduction to programming languages, data structures, databases, and big data.

I teach most of the core computer science courses in the Department of Computer Science, the Management of Computer Systems program, and the Multimedia Art and Game Development program at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater. Participated in the development of two important majors at UWW: Computer Science and Multimedia Art and Game Development (technology thread). Courses taught during the last five years with student ratings:

COMPSCI 162: Computer Applications. (average rating: 8.51/10)
COMPSCI 174: Introduction to C++. (average rating: 8.3/10)
COMPSCI 220: Concepts of Programming Languages (average rating:8/10 )
COMPSCI 222: Intermediate C++ (average rating: 8.5/10 )
MCS 231/COMPSCI 223: Concepts of Data Structure (average rating: 8.88/10)
COMPSCI 332: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (average rating: 8.4/10 )
COMPSCI 366: Database Management Systems (average rating: 9/10)
COMPSCI 451: Topics in Applied Computing (topics: Big Data) (average rating: 8.8/10)

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