what I learned in class

Nate Minard

New Communication technologies



In this class I learned a variety of things ranging from social media and technological advancements all the way to memes but I would say the most valuable lesson that I learned in this class was how to work with a group. Most of our major assignments we were able to work with groups and this benefited me a lot. My group and I were able to get our work done efficiently and we all benefited from being able to work together. One of my favorite projects of the semester was the meme week where we were able to pick any meme and give its history and why it is spreadable or viral and this was really informative because when you see memes you dont think about the details of how it grew so fast so it was really interesting to look into our meme and how it spread. An important lesson that I learned in New Communication Technologies is the bell curve of adaptation. I thought that this was really intriguing because of how common this is when it comes to games and new websites where there are early adopters and how growth is accumulated. The most important thing that I learned in this class is how to do a feature story. My feature story taught me how to implement pictures, video, and audio to create a story that will interest an audience. This is one of the most important things I learned in class because of how extensive the project was. This wasn’t a project that you can procrastinate until the last minute because of how huge the workload is. Getting video and audio interviews was a lesson that I will take with me in my future and will always think back about how this class helped me think creatively when it comes to taking pictures from long shots to close ups and how you have to work multimedia into a working story.

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