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When I was walking around taking my pictures I noticed that the James Connor University center had plenty of tv’s playing but no one was watching them. This struck me odd because as a looked around students are on their phones, iPad’s, and laptops. This is what Inspired me to write about this topic. When I sat down in the University center for an hour I noticed several things. The amount of people on their phones is the biggest one. When I walk from class to class I too am part of this mob mentality of being glued to my device. I began to think about what types of activities I do while filling time between classes and it struck me. Between classes I was browsing new music, watching live streams of video games, reading the news via twitter moments, and aimlessly scrolling Instagram. This drove the question of how has media shifted in the past 10 years? In my opinion media has shifted dramatically in the past 10 years because of how innovative companies are when it comes to getting their media into our hands. With apps free of purchase, it is easy to see how media and news have caught like wildfire. Apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon video offer us unlimited streaming at a small cost per month subscription. At about 10-15 dollars you can get your favorite shows like Game of Thrones, Shameless, Orange is the new black, and Westworld all you can watch whenever you want. This is what I feel drove Television prices down the drain. With being able to download these apps on your smartphones, laptops, and tablets I don’t see the Television companies ever bouncing back from this. It’s no secret that television is the old school way of getting information but why? In my research new communication technologies like Apples iPhone series, Roku, Amazon’s fire stick, Hulu, Netflix, and HBO are clearly winning this new media war by a landslide. In the past decade television prices have gone down dramatically. In 2008 the average price for a 50-inch tv was about $1,000 but since then you can find tv’s for around $600 a near 40% decrease! I think that this is mostly because of mobility. You are able to make this shift when you think about back in 2008 with the 1st iPhone being revealed and technology was starting to become more accessible, television was offering more channels to surf, and the internet was vastly growing with excess information you can paint a picture in your head just how mobility is all you ever needed when it comes to your daily routine. With mobility increase and ease of accessibility companies like amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO cashed out on the idea to bring regular scheduled programming to a stop. Amazons firestick lets users choose what they want to watch when they want. Another similar devise is the Roku which uses this same strategy as well. All you need to do is plug it in the HDMI port on the tv and you are good to go. Overall media has had a dramatic shift in mainstream media by being able to access data and live stream video to your hands through technological advancements and increased mobility. What I found interesting while doing my interviews is that the answers were consistent between the interviewees perhaps I would have more of a variation in answers if I decided to interview people older than 30 years old. When it comes to news coverage there was however varying response. I found that with gathering news to inform yourself the people I interviewed looked at several sources before making their stance on a subject. In my pictures I attempted to screen capture ways in which media has shifted from people on their phones and laptops instead of their eyes glued to a tv, I was able to capture today’s twitter moments from my phone and got evidence of snapchats news feature if you even consider it news when its mostly just celebrity drama. This story on how media has shifted in the last decade really challenged me in that we don’t see these dramatic shifts and changes in our everyday lives but slowly over time we stray from our roots of television and main stream media to our fingertips and it has made me hopeful and excited to see what the future has in store for our society.

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