Week 4 blog

In this weeks readings we were faced with an interesting dynamic. In one reading we were getting all of the reasons why google is making us stupid while the other article claims the opposite question. In is google making us stupid we are faced with claims such as google provides us information within a few seconds and we have grown impatient when it comes to reading articles and blog’s we tend to just skim through it. Another reason why he claims that google is making us stupid is because of how little work and research you need to do to find your answer. All you have to type in is a few keywords and you have exactly what you are looking for. However in the article that states the opposite asking if google is making us smarter I tend to lean more to this argument that the 1st. In Does the internet make us smarter one of the key ideas that I agree with is the abundant flow of information. With Wikipedia being the worlds fountain of knowledge we take peer review to the next level. I think this is a credible argument and has indeed made us smarter as a whole. The internet provides an outlet for people to expand their knowledge and also feed the world their knowledge as well.

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