Final Reflections

Good teaching is being a teacher that is flexible, relatable, and respectful. A good teacher is knowledgeable about the content, and is able to teach the content in multiple ways if necessary. A good teacher knows her students and cares about them. I do not think that my definition has changed as much as I was able to put my thoughts into words better after taking this course.


After reading the standards, I believe that this class highlighted “Teacher understands that children learn differently”. I learned about the different theories of the stages of development and I learned more about how there are different ways of teaching that can help different learners. I learned about the importance of getting to know each child to better understand their individual needs.


The most significant thing that I learned this semester was that it is imperative to get to know each student and their background. It is important to know about the learning experience they have had but it is also important to get a feel for how much support they have at home. When you know about your students, it is easier to teach them, while also aiding in classroom management. It is important to have an understanding of the developmental stage that your class is in and with that the appropriate practices for those in that stage.
I plan to continue this blog in the future. I find that it is a good place to reflect on new ideas and experiences. It is also a good resource for my future employers to get to know what I know and how I think. My favorite part about blogging was the feeling of active thinking that blogging created. I was very aware of the conversation I was having with myself during my thought process while blogging.  

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