Technology can bring the world to your classroom when used correctly

Technology, when used correctly, can enhance students’ learning experiences. It can be used to take the students on a field trip to the jungle, or to the Berlin Wall, or to Machu Picchu. It can give them ways to communicate. It can allow them to question, explore and create. The key phrase however is “when used correctly”. When used incorrectly, technology can actually function as a distraction from learning objectives. When I am a teacher, I plan on using technology and teaching children how to use technology. I believe this is vital in today’s society. Children need to be “technologically literate”.

According to the 2009 Secretary of Education, there is a “digital divide” ( The “digital divide” is an opportunity gap. Some schools have more access to technology and to staff who know how to use that technology, than others. Some students have more access to high speed internet at home than their peers. The students who have more access to technological resources are at an extreme advantage. I feel it will be my duty, as a teacher, to know how to use technology, how to make it meaningful and how to give my students access to it.

I looked into virtual reality, and I think that it can be very beneficial. It may seem like technology is very expensive, but while I was researching the use of virtual reality, I realized that the prices of (reusable) technology, while they may be expensive, can help schools cut costs. I there are virtual resources that can replace some of the resources that the school has to buy. It could reduce the amount of paper a school has to buy. It can replace taking the students on as many actual field trips. Instead of buying cow eyeballs to dissect (as I did in eighth grade), the students can do this using a virtual reality program. When used correctly and meaningfully, technology provides a window to resources that the school could not afford otherwise.

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