All About Me!

Hello! My name is Natalee Overboe and I am a senior at UWW. I’,m studying to become an elementary/middle school teacher. I am also getting a degree in Spanish. I was born and raised in Madison, WI. My favorite part about living in Madison was getting to go downtown. I also loved being in the diverse and eclectic crowd.  I now live in Janesville, WI with my boyfriend, Josh and my cat Marley while I work as a manager at Subway in Whitewater and go to school. There are many experiences in my life that have shaped my life to make me into who I am today.




My family members are the biggest influences in my life. The whole reason that I want to be a teacher is because of my mom. She is a second grade teacher in Madison. I loved “Bring Your Child to Work” Day. I got to see my mom teach and play with all the fun school supplies. After that I would play teacher constantly. As I grew up I started realizing how much impact my mom had on people’s lives. We would be in a store and run into her past students. They would remember her 10 years later and tell her how she helped them love school. I realized that I wanted to have an impact on children’s’ lives. I wanted to be able to make kids love to learn so they would want to get an education to better their lives and the community.



I come from a family of teachers. My mom, my aunt, my uncle and three of my cousins are teachers. They have all encouraged me to work towards my goal of becoming a teacher, but the non-teachers also helped shape me to become who I am today. My grandma, Gloria,  is my favorite person in the entire world. She is the nicest, most generous person I know. I strive to be as warm, polite, welcoming and giving as she is. I consider what she would do or think when I have a tough decision to make. I had an internship at the Milwaukee County Zoo this summer and we were to write down our positive thoughts about each of the other interns and we all got to see what was said about us. As I was reading the comments about me, I noticed that a lot of the things that the other interns liked about me, were the traits that I try to model my grandma after. I am extremely proud to be her granddaughter.




My work experiences have had a large part in shaping the person I am. I currently work at Subway and I have for the last 5 years. I learned a lot of techniques for dealing with others. I have learned how to train new employees, motivate coworkers, maintain a positive attitude, make people feel welcome, and deal with customers who were not happy with their service or food. I am very thankful for this job.

As I mentioned before, I had an internship at the Milwaukee County Zoo this summer in their conservation education program. I think about the lessons that I learned from this experience everyday. At this internship I learned the importance of a positive attitude and work environment. I learned keys to behavior management, making children feel comfortable and I got to lead many tours, lessons and activities. I loved this internship so much and I believe that teaching children the importance of the creatures that live on this earth and their envrionments is vital to preserving the beauty and health of our planet.


These are just a few of the people and experiences that have influenced me, and I know that I will continue to learn and grow every day.

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