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suh dude

Hi, I’m bad at this. Sometimes songs are good at expressing ~how you feel~ when you don’t really know how to feel. I’ve been in a funk lately, so I feel like this will be good for me to write … Continue reading

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Music and mental health

Mental health is something that is important to me. Having dealt with certain mental health issues throughout my life, I’ve always turned towards music as a form of coping. Music can help, not only because you can relate to it, … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about how awesome girls are

So girls. They’re pretty awesome. Especially when it comes to empowering other girls. I have always thought that music from women that empowers other women is absolutely spectacular. Especially while we live in a patriarchal society. We need music that … Continue reading

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What’s consistency????

Hi I’m dumb, haven’t posted in a week so I’m probably going to get docked points because apparently I’m not supposed to miss a week and then post four times in one?? But you know whatever. What’s grammar?? Who knows. … Continue reading

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Why the scene needs twenty one pilots

I’ve been a fan of twenty one pilots for a couple of years now. I saw them live in October of 2015. It was a LIFE CHANGING experience. They are definitely one of my favorite bands almost ever, so I … Continue reading

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Let’s get this thing rolling…

Hi! I’m Megan, and if you’re reading this, you’re on my blog. What? Amazing. Who would have thought? I’m going to talk about music and how it affects society and whatnot. I’ve been a huge fan of different types of … Continue reading

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