No. That band did not “save your life”

I would first like to apologize for both of my posts this week to be extremely down, I know that’s not really ~my thing~ and I tend to be a sarcastic little shit, but we’re just going to deal with this alright?

So one thing that makes me angry when it comes to music and bands, is when certain people say that a band “saved their life.” Now let me explain if you don’t understand what I’m saying.

Some bands, specifically in the alternative genre, tend to write songs about mental health, which I touched on in my last post. People who are also going through mental health issues, specifically ones that are serious enough that one considers taking their own life, will lean towards music as a way of coping. They often times will connect with a certain song or lyrics that touch them enough that they are ~suddenly cured~ (there’s the asshole).

Now here’s my point. Music cannot cure you. Bands cannot cure you. Songs cannot cure you. And lyrics cannot cure you. You can definitely use music as a way for coping, there’s no doubt about that. I’ve done that myself. But, here’s the kicker: I believe that you saved yourself.

Sure music can give you the strength and the will to live. But unless that musician physically stopped you. You did it all yourself. I believe that people just don’t want to give themselves credit where credit is due. I think that people in that state of mind are so self-deprecating, that they won’t take credit for anything good that they’ve done, even if it’s something good to themselves.

Some music that I’ve been listening to lately is extremely moody. I’ve been listening to this playlist on Spotify called “Emo Night Master List” by Matthew Colwell. Emo Night is basically a night where people go to a club and listen to alternative music from the early 2000’s, when that scene was in it’s ~prime~

Here’s the playlist:

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