What’s consistency????

Hi I’m dumb, haven’t posted in a week so I’m probably going to get docked points because apparently I’m not supposed to miss a week and then post four times in one?? But you know whatever. What’s grammar?? Who knows.


Isn’t it crazy how music can affect your mood? Like you listen to happy music and you’re happy?? And then you listen to sad music and you’re sad??? WHAT?

When I was in high school I was super depressed because ~life sux~ but you know, who cares, I was a “rebellious” teenager. ANYWAYS. So I would listen to sad music whenever I was sad, and guess what? It made it worse. BECAUSE sad music makes you sad.

But I got tired of being sad, so I tried my best to be happy, and I’m kind of happy now so that’s all that matters right? BUT, when I was happy, I would listen to happy music that made me smile, and want to dance.

I really liked to listen to songs from One Direction because I’m ~that bitch~. I also really liked to listen to songs by Walk The Moon because they always make me smile and they always have happy music.

A couple of songs from One Direction that I like are No Control off of their album FOUR, and their song Little White Lies off of their album Midnight Memories. The songs from Walk The Moon that are my favorite are Jenny from their self-titled album, and I also really like Different Colors from their album Talking Is Hard.

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