Let’s talk about how awesome girls are

So girls.

They’re pretty awesome.

Especially when it comes to empowering other girls.

I have always thought that music from women that empowers other women is absolutely spectacular. Especially while we live in a patriarchal society. We need music that can affect others because of who they are and what they strive to be.

There are plenty of women who sing about empowering other women whether it being them singing by themselves, or them singing together.

Honestly, I love it when women form groups and sing together because then it shows them empowering each other rather than just singing by themselves. I think that when people are working together they can accomplish anything that they put their mind to. Especially since they are working together rather than working by themselves.

There are some bands that I love that sing together and they basically just sing about how awesome girls are, which is the point of this blog post. The bands that I want to talk about are Little Mix and Fifth Harmony. Although Fifth Harmony is now Fourth Harmony (sorry to anyone that is a huge fan), I still think that they can have some empowering music together rather than separately.

Some music that I enjoy from both of those bands (which you should check out by the way) are Salute off of their album titled Salute, as well as their song named Grown off of their album titled Get Weird. I also really like Fifth Harmony’s song Brave Honest Beautiful off of their album Reflection, and their song I Lied off of their album 7/27.

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