How music has influenced me

I’ve been listening to music for a very long time. I would consider myself a music aficionado, I guess? But that makes me sound a bit pretentious, so let’s just go with a fan of music. There are a bunch of different types of music that I enjoy, but I would say primarily that I enjoy alternative music more than any other type.

Everything pretty much sounds good to me but there still are several different genres of music that I prefer to others. One of the genres that I prefer is alternative music. Specifically I like pop rock, pop punk, and post-hardcore. Honestly, that must sound extremely confusing to anyone who doesn’t listen to the same kind of music I do, but whatever.

I think being interested in music has helped me a lot. Not only through personal things, but music has also helped me make friends. It’s something to bond over, and if you end up going to a concert, there’s already one thing you have in common with the stranger standing next to you.

I’ve met some of my best friends through the bands and the music that I like to listen to, which all that I could have wished for. There isn’t much else that I enjoy that I would go out of my way to try and understand what others like. But with music, there’s a difference between not liking certain types of music, and being open minded when it comes to certain genres.

For example, one genre that I don’t listen to at all is country, but a lot of people that I know really enjoy country music, so I’ll try to listen to it, and see what they like so much about it. And who knows? I might end up finding my new favorite artist.

Recently I’ve been listening to: Lady Gaga’s new album Joanne. Ever since she played the Superbowl, I’ve been extremely interested in her album. I’ve listened to it before, and I was really interested when it first came out, but recently I’ve just been listening to it a lot more. Two songs that I really like off of that album are Million Reasons and Grigio Girls.

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