Databases, my favorite

Yeah, I enjoy databases, weird right? The reason I like databases is because I like to know, I like to compare and contrast and that is something that I hope to keep like for further projects or just for my own knowledge. It all began when I started watching criminal minds, I started looking up FBI’s Top 10 most wanted, I wanted to know why they were wanted, how much the FBI was offering or simply how long they were wanted for. After that I always started searching up “Top Tens” top ten songs of all time, top ten movies of all time, and from there I moved on to bigger things (not that I still don’t look up top tens, of random things I am interested in). But now I search up, how many U.S. citizens own a passports, how many inner city students attend college, how many people travel outside the US/year. Yeah, these are things that interest me I like to keep these number in my head for future references or for a future discussion. I strongly believe that these databases are important not only to keep track of numbers but to have a quick informative for people, less reading and more information that seems to be more factual than usual.


As a Journalism student, if I had more projects of surveying and collecting data, I would because there are so many things that I would want to know from the campus students and staff to information of my community. I guess I am meant to be a Journalist, I love to know and I love to investigate. ……. and databases have been my biggest  help when it comes to arriving to factual conclusions. DATABASES

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Coding, oh the struggle…

I remember in middle school in my 8th grade “technology” we learned how to code from scratch. It was the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. My teacher at that time wanted us to great an “about me page”, the best part was that MySpace was a thing at that time and everyone want to create something along the lines of MySpace. But not me, I just wanted it to have information about me, pictures, links and the colors I wanted, but that was it. (If I could find my webpage, I would totally look it up right now.) Well let me not tools_html_codingforget to mention that this was a 2-hour class, yeah-unbelievable right? I remember that the most difficult part for me was getting the forward/backward slash correct. There were times where you HAD to only use one, but which one? That was the hard part, and guess what such a simple task really didn’t get me far.

Growing up I came to realize the importance of html and/or coding, I came to the realization that coding is in everything that has to do with modern technology. When I began to enjoy the idea of Journalism, this was when I opened my eyes directly towards the idea of coding, because as a Journalist I wanted to have my own webpage, with my face and my news. It is important to understand that this isn’t an easy task, and what is important is to practice practice practice!!!

Lets stop and think, without these awkward complicated codes we wouldn’t have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all that fun stuff. It is an amazing talent, and amazing thing to do and an outstanding career to pursue, you are the face of a webpage, you are the reason for a webpage and that, that’s pretty impressive.

During this coding assignment, I had various difficulties, that main one, Mac computers, the document I had to download, impossible to download and work from it. So my decision was, head out to the library, use a public computer and finish your assignment there. It is amazing to me that with all this coding, all this technology that surrounds me, my computer was unable to open a document and let me work off of it…. Maybe there needs to be some coding on Mac computers for better performance? Don’t you think?

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Storify Story

<div class=”storify”><iframe src=”//” width=”100%” height=”750″ frameborder=”no” allowtransparency=”true”></iframe><script src=”//”></script><noscript>[<a href=”//” target=”_blank”>View the story “Elections are the hottest topic at the moment, seems like Trump wasn’t a hit in Chicago” on Storify</a>]</noscript></div>


Social Media

Social Media, the reason everyone (almost everyone) get’s up in the morning. What do you usually do when getting up in the morning, do you get up and shower, then check your social media or do you get up and immediately run for your phone, tablet, laptop, etc to check what so and so was up to last night. It’s unbelievable the amount of people that have a Facebook. I currently work at a rsocial-media-imageestaurant, where I serve more elderly people on the daily basis and over half of them are ADDICTED to this phenomenon of social media.

But what does social media do? Because since the day I signed up for a MySpace account, I was so excited but literally all it was, was drama. Drama with the middle school girls and boys, til’ this day that is how I personally view social media, as drama. No one can say, share, or post something with out some type of criticism, without someone being utterly nosey.

So what’s that fuss? Why do we like it so much, why are we so intrigued by the idea of scrolling and scrolling and seeing the same things, every day!

Many people use it to quickly connect with their friends and families far away, other use it to obtain jobs, others to share their success and triumphs. But what about the people that are just there to judge, just there to talk $%@#, because that is what it is over half of the time.


But social media is important, it keep you updated to Trump’s latest insult, or to how Miss Universe wasn’t really Miss Universe. No one is every really out of the loop, but the problem is that social media has become the NEWS OUTLET for our generation, I know less than half of family, friends, accountancies that actually sit down to read a newspaper, or listen to the news on the radio or on the television. Everyone knows what happened because so and so said it over Facebook. But you never get the full story, for example this week it snowed in Mexico! WHAT IT SNOWED IN MEXICO?It sure did, and guess what I found out over Facebook, but the problem is until this day I still don’t know why it snowed, where exactly it snowed, the exact temperature or the problems it may have caused to lands, and fields and to the people. As you can see, these are not things that people post, either a bad or sad thing is posted. What should be the correct use for social media, is this what our generation is coming to,to only being able to connect via social media and less of face to face?



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Three Blogs

Blog #1:  The Impossible Cool

I absolutely love photography, I am not a photographer myself but I have found a blog where amazing portraits of people throughout history are shared. The blog is called The Impossible Cool, ( which is a catchy blog name, it doesn’t specify the content of the blog which is pretty amazing to me because it has been hard for me to create a blog name that doesn’t incorporate what my content will be.

Greatest Strength- The greatest strength of this blog is the amazing photography that it offers, especially because these are images that aren’t too popular among society. All of the pictures are of famous people who have left a mark on our planet within history, music, politics, art, movies, writers, fashion icons, scientists, etc. It is a very simple blog not only because it doesn’t contain “information”, its just images. But I feel that a picture speaks a thousands words.

How does it play into this strength- I looked through a few of the pages of the blog, and I was surprised with the amount of ideas that one picture brings to my head. For example as I viewed a picture of John Lennon, I thought to myself, “wow this picture sure describes Lennon (free spirited, peace giver, musician, composer)” Lennon (The Beatles) is one of my musical inspirations, so this definitely made me happy.

This has been one of my favorite photography blogs because it provided me with amazing shots that made me run through history with a single image.

 How does it build a community/audience- The top of the page provides links to social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), it also provides with a link that is automatically clicked to send a personal email. I think this is the perfect way to build an audience because the blog is connected to the most popular social media sites used around the world. This is a simple cut blog, but I enjoyed it very much.

Blog #2: Love and Lemons

The second blog I chose was about food, well because I love food. Actually, everyone loves food.  The name of the blog is Love and Lemons (

Greatest strength- This blog contains so many strengths, for example, it originality, simplicity, daily updates, social media, and images. I enjoyed this blog because it shares common recipes for foods, but healthier versions. The way the recipes are introduced are not your simple recipes (Ex: Add 2 eggs, stir eggs for 2 minutes).

How does it play into this strength- The way the author writes the recipes is like a small conversation, so it seems like the person is actually there speaking to you explaining step by step on how to prepare a meal. Also it is a very easy to follow blog, nothing seems to be out of place and nothing is too confusing. USER FRIENDLY! I think that is important especially because not everyone is tech-savvy and can easily browse the web without clicking something that’s not right. I definitely like the simplicity of the blog.

How does it build a community/audience- The blog provides its social media accounts (Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). It also provides a subscription via email that allows the audience to receive notifications every time a post is added to the blog. This is very helpful for people that rather have news come to them, than looking for news on their own.

Blog #3: Temptalia

I found this neat blog that introduces make-up tutorials, Temptalia ( I liked this blog because it is dedicated to one brand of makeup products and it is less bias than other makeup blogs that I have seen.

Greatest strength- This blog is very easy to follow, the greatest strength is that not only does it have the tutorials but the author provides the audience with products and prices. That is very useful because this way its audience can be aware of the quality of products, also they are able to see if they want to keep following the blog, if they enjoy the products that are being used.

How does it play into this strength-  The author provides a page especially for the products, this way the audience has an easy way to find the products. The best part is that the author provides the prices, and details about the product this is better than having to do this on the products official website.

How does it build a community/audience– The author provides social media via (Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter). Also the blog its self has a subscription section that allows for the audience to have a personalized account with the blog.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 3.35.32 PM

Blog #2: Love and Lemons





This past winter break (2014) my parents took my siblings and I to Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is a Mexican resort beach/city, located on the Pacific Ocean’s Bahía de Banderas. My parents love to travel and whenever they have the opportunity to take us somewhere they do their best for our whole family to enjoy it. This was one of the best experiences in my 20 year old life! This trip also gave me desire to explore more of my native land; Mexico. Also to travel the world every chance that I get. By the way this is my family, my parents Aurelio and Margarita and my siblings, I’m the oldest. José Ramón is my brother then my not twin sisters, Angela and Angelica. Keep tuned in the future I will keep blogging about them!



My Hero

Daniel, my boyfriend. He’s more than that he’s my confidant, my best friend and definitely   my other half. I won’t be cheesy or mushy about how much I love him, because I do love him very very much. I’m his number one fan in everything he does, from his passion for music and his love for good movies. He motivates me to do better in school, family, friends, life… He’s my inspiration to so many things and I always carry his love with me. He’s my backbone, when I need him he’s there. Not always in person because he’s back in Milwaukee, but his words of encouragement are so special for me. Daniel Daniel Daniel. Sometimes I want to write a song about him, but I think it’d become a never-ending song! He’s the strongest person I know his intelligence is one of his greatest virtues.  I love to laugh, and he is the reason for my laugh that usually ends up with pain in my abdomen and an obnoxious laugh like Ed the hyena from the Lion King. He’s amazing, and the reason for my happiness.  I know I said I wasn’t going to be cheesy but, I cant help it.




Hello world!

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